Under the trend of software defining automobile, it is urgent to update the electronic and electrical architecture. In the future, intelligent automobile needs “intelligent brain” with multi domain integration and strong computing power as the core support.

On April 29, Desai Xiwei launched the first generation ICP product in the world – “Aurora”, which realized the leap forward technology from “domain control” to “central computing”, and is the first mass-produced on-board intelligent computing platform in the industry.

“Aurora” means “Aurora”, which means more flexible, more intelligent, more efficient and more infinite possibilities. The platform hardware is equipped with mainstream big computing power chips, and the total computing power can reach more than 2000tops. The software integrates the core functional domains including intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and Internet service, and realizes cross domain integration to meet the multi-level requirements of future e/e architecture in terms of high computing performance, high functional security and continuous hardware upgrade capability.

“Aurora” intelligent computing platform has built a multi-dimensional technology core for the future evolution of automotive electronic architecture around the central computing concept:

Multi domain integration with central computing power

It integrates core functional domains including intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and Internet service to realize the leap from “domain control” to “central computing”, which is in line with the evolution direction of the post Moore era of semiconductors.

Intelligent expansion to meet diverse needs

The computing power is scalable, the functions can be configured, and the experience can be upgraded to meet the needs of different users and different models. At the same time, it has the ability of continuous after-sales upgrading.

Intelligent design with high reliability

Vehicle specification level design and development, ASIL d high functional safety, meeting the reliability requirements of high heat dissipation, high earthquake resistance, high protection, etc.

Intelligent integration, software defined vehicle

“Aurora” is an open platform design for SOA, which can meet the rapid integration and deployment of different software application requirements.

Green, sustainable and carbon neutral mode

Effectively reduce the carbon quality ratio of vehicle raw materials and improve the energy efficiency ratio of electronic components. During the automobile life cycle, “Aurora” can maintain the low-carbon continuous optimization attribute. Compared with the sub domain control, the cumulative energy consumption can be reduced by about 42%, and the cumulative carbon emission can be reduced by about 62%.

“Aurora” is another important landing of innovative technological achievements under the brand proposition of “chuanglingzhixing” of Desai Xiwei. In the future, the cross domain centralized electronic and electrical architecture will provide the required computing power and communication capability for intelligent vehicles. The company will give full play to its own advantages, promote the innovative integration of advanced technologies in automotive electronic software and hardware, and provide more safe, comfortable and efficient travel experience for automotive enterprises and end users.

Reviewed by: Pengjing

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