DENSO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DENSO) and Honeywell International Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Honeywell) jointly developed the first product, the electric motor for electric aircraft, which will be installed in Lilium NV (hereinafter referred to as Honeywell). hereinafter referred to as Lilium) electric aircraft body.

Comfortable and Environmentally Friendly

travel experience

Electric aircraft allow for a quiet and comfortable travel experience while being environmentally friendly. With the diversification of travel modes, electric planes have attracted attention due to their potential to solve problems such as solving traffic congestion in urban centers and the resulting carbon emissions, and ensuring transportation networks in sparsely populated areas.

Sustainable and accessible

high-speed regional aviation network

Founded in 2015, Lilium has developed the eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, with the goal of providing a sustainable, pervasive, high-speed regional aviation network, and has been designing, building and testing demonstrators.

Continue to study and polish

The electric motor mounted on the Lilium electric aircraft this time consists of a rotor and a stator, weighs about 4 kg, and has an output power of 100 kW.

In order to achieve the small size and light weight required for electric aircraft, Denso and Honeywell, together with Lilium, have continued to research and polish, and have specially designed the rotor and stator to achieve the compact size and light weight that are particularly important for electric aircraft.

As a system with both safety and environmental performance, it can reduce air pollution during operation.

From the adoption of this product, Denso and Honeywell will further accelerate the development of electric aircraft products to contribute to a sustainable mobility society from the perspectives of "environmental" and "safety".

Senior Executive Officer of Denso Corporation

Erahara Jiro, head of the electronic application system business team

"DENSO is driving the development of electrification technology to create a sustainable future. The adoption of this product is an important step for DENSO and we are excited to contribute to the aviation sector. We will continue to work with Honey in the future. The cooperation with Weil will allow our technology to further contribute to the future "environment and peace of mind", as well as the comfort and convenience of travel."

Honeywell Vice President

Stéphane Fymat, General Manager, Urban Air Mobility

"Honeywell has continued to develop innovative technologies in aviation for more than a century. This close partnership with Denso will help usher in the era of electric aircraft. Combine our aerospace knowledge with Lilium's innovations. Combined, it promises to enable environmentally friendly, sustainable mobility for centuries to come."


Chief Operating Officer Yves Yemsi

“Lilium has partnered with Denso and Honeywell based on a procurement strategy of partnering with suppliers with relevant expertise. We have also made great strides in technology through the use of Honeywell’s flight control computers. We are delighted In the future, we will continue to deepen our partnership with Honeywell and Denso through electric motors. The partnership with both companies gives us confidence that we are transforming the aviation industry.”

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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