Demo description of LED step-down constant current drive based on core Dingsheng tx6121dc-dc constant current chip design


Schematic diagram of LED constant current drive chip tx6121demo

poYBAGKLOK6AeCeAAAGk4yfxRUg849. jpg

LED constant current drive chip tx6121demo circuit board

pYYBAGKLOK-AO8lwAADftwgBtHk441. jpg

Actual measured number of tx6121 demo board


Tx6121 demo board measured data and conversion efficiency reference

Basic description:

This demo is a demonstration board made of LED constant current chip tx6121. It is used for the application demonstration of DC input 12-80v, output voltage 9V and output constant current 2.7A. The maximum conversion efficiency is as high as 90%.

The fixed working frequency of this circuit is 36.76-183.8 kHz. Output 9V / 2.7A, output current adjustable.

Reviewed and edited by: Tang Zihong

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