Beijing, China – December 14, 2020

After several iterations and upgrades, Dell recently launched a number of heavyweight new products. Equipped with the new generation nvidiageforcertx ™ 3070 graphics card’s new alienwarearora Game Desktop, Dell XPS design flagship desktop, G5 intelligent electronic competition desktop, with more powerful performance, amazing visual effect and extreme detail function, create a vivid game world for game lovers.

Equipped with new nvidiartx ™ 3070 graphics card’s strong performance helps players win in the upper points

Since its inception, Alienware products have been given high configuration and high quality labels by the industry, and are always committed to providing immersive game experience for game users. The new alinwarearora is equipped with the latest nvidiartx ™ 3070 graphics card, the introduction of new rtcore and tensorcore, streaming multiprocessor and high-speed 8g video memory, supplemented by powerful dlssai accelerated rendering technology, to provide users with the strong performance they dream of. For games with high-performance configuration requirements, it can create amazing visual effects and help game players to gallop in the game arena.

The new alenwarearora R11 and Aurora R10 (Aurora ryzen Ediion) products are equipped with the latest RTX ™ 3070 graphics card, hyperxfuryddr4xmp and high performance Intel and AMD CPU make players enjoy the game world. At the same time, as the king of desktop game platform, alinwarearora also provides RTX for senior game players ™ 3080 and 3090 graphics card high-end configuration model.

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Carrying nvidiartx ™ 3070 graphics card’s alenwarearorar11

In addition, nvidiartx ™ The introduction of 3070 graphics card also marks the first time that 30 series graphics cards are assembled into Dell’s XPS design flagship desktop and G5 intelligent electronic competition desktop. XPS design flagship desktop with minimalist look, tailored for content creators. As a part of NVIDIA rtxstudio project, this series of desktop computers can help designers capture creative inspiration more effectively and quickly, and show artistic enthusiasm. For game enthusiasts, the G5 intelligent E-sports desktop is a multi-purpose artifact with high cost performance, no matter it is a game, or a work, study, or play.

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Carrying nvidiartx ™ G5 intelligent competitive desktop with 3070 graphics card

Alenwarex “cyberpunk 2077” shows its innovative strength with a sense of future technology

As one of the most important markets of Dell Technology Group in the world, Dell China actively lays out its product matrix and provides unique personalized experience for Chinese consumers through continuous optimization and upgrading. Among them, the main high-end, high-efficiency alenware game products since 2009 into the Chinese market, with the strength of hard core products and innovation, favored by the majority of Chinese game players.

In April this year, after launching the “chassis design competition” for global consumers with cyberpunk 2077, alieware joined hands again in December to launch the “alieware creative competition”. Players can make full use of alenware and cyberpunk elements, give full play to their imagination, and create the “strongest battle suit” with both technology and sense of future for alenware 172020 edition. The winner will have the opportunity to get the Global Limited “cyberpunk 2077” co branded alienwarem17, “cyberpunk 2077” game peripheral and other product awards.

As a master and innovator of cyberpunk culture, the sense of high-tech future created by cyberpunk 2077 coincides with the concept of “future PC” created by alenware. It is precisely based on the futuristic core of science and technology aesthetics of both sides that we join hands again this time.

Fu Zhiwei, product director of Dell China’s consumption and small business division, said: “Dell China has always been focusing on user needs, continuously optimizing products and upgrading configuration through innovative technology, aiming to provide unparalleled diversified services for Chinese users. This time, Alienware will join hands with cyberpunk 2077 again, and we are looking forward to providing more Chinese gamers with incisive and comprehensive experience. “

The price of Dell’s new products is as follows:

Alinwarearorar11 (with NVIDIA RTX) ™ 3070 graphics card) has been listed in China for 19999 yuan;

Alinwarearorar10 (with NVIDIA RTX) ™ 3070 graphics card) will be listed in China next year. Please refer to the official website for the specific price;

XPS design flagship desktop (with NVIDIA RTX) ™ 3070 graphics card) for RMB 16999-17999;

G5 intelligent competitive desktop (equipped with NVIDIA RTX) ™ 3070 graphics card) for RMB 13499.

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