Recently, Dell launched a new 7-in-1 Dell usb-c mobile adapter — da310, which provides rich interfaces. This mobile adapter can provide video, network, data connection and up to 90W power for your laptop. The adapter adopts a fashionable round design, no need to install external drivers, supports 4K video and usb10gbps data transmission, and costs 851.61 yuan in Dell’s official mall in China.

Dell introduces new 7-in-1 usb-c mobile adapter

The official introduction is as follows

Dell usb-c mobile adapter is a small and portable multi port seven in one adapter, which can connect with any device you have. Its downstream usb-c port supports power through, which is very suitable for notebook computers without extra usb-c charging port.

There are many kinds of ports available, including 2 usb-a ports, 1 usb-c port, 1 HDMI port, 1 DisplayPort port, 1 VGA port and 1 RJ-45 port. The mobile adapter can seamlessly connect with a variety of devices, such as monitor I, projector, headset, keyboard, mouse, flash drive and other accessories.

Multi function usb-c port: with the help of usb-c downstream port supporting power through, video and data transmission, you can connect 4K resolution display with refresh rate of 30Hz, and realize ultra-high speed usb10gbps data transmission and 90W power through I with laptop.

Support clear 4K resolution with refresh rate of 60Hz: this adapter supports clear 4K resolution with refresh rate of 60Hz, and can be connected to high-resolution display without affecting performance. Simply connect your monitor or projector to your PC through the DisplayPort or hdmi2.0 port on the adapter.

Ultra high speed data transfer: two usb-a and one usb-c downstream ports allow you to connect to other supported peripherals for ultra high speed file transfer up to 10Gbps

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