For blockchain, investors must know digital currency. Digital money is a very popular investment project, but the digital money market remained depressed in the second half of the year until the emergence of the largest dark horse dccy. In just two weeks, the popularity of dccy increased sharply, which attracted the attention and participation of tens of thousands of people, and seemed to become a new favorite of the market.

After a long call, dccy emerged

What is dccy? What kind of charm does it have? Dccy is a decentralized infrastructure, focusing on creating distributed financial solutions, actively matching various financial businesses, improving the existing financial system, and committed to creating a fair and just distributed financial ecology.

Its public chain involves digital currency, payment and clearing, smart contract, financial transactions, Internet of things finance and other fields, so that transactions no longer need third-party intermediaries, build trust consensus with smart contract, and break through the shackles of traditional finance.

Along the way, DC alliance has been supported by many institutions, including internationally recognized licensed financial practitioners, the earliest digital currency investors, top financial investment consultants and well-known investors in the blockchain industry. They will take the alliance as the center, actively match various financial businesses, improve the existing financial system and create a fair and just trading ecological environment.

Still holding the pipa, half covering his face, blindfolded bidding for the future

In the value circulation stage, dccy created the latest auction mechanism blindfolded auction based on the economic pass model. Blindfold auction refers to the traditional British auction and Dutch auction, integrates its advantages, gives users a fair and fair auction environment, and allows users to participate regardless of time. Therefore, more consensus has been reached.

At present, this new bidding model has formed a rapid and stable wealth effect. It will ensure the smooth development of dccy together with various measures such as super node covering the whole ecology and partner plan.

The emergence of blindfolded auction has rekindled the market and made dccy a benchmark for the transition from the information internet era to the value Internet era, completely changed the blockchain pattern and made value the first choice of the public chain.

Dccy public chain technology has completely changed the pattern of blockchain

How to participate in blindfold auction: fair, fair and transparent process

Auction mode and cycle

Auction method: Blindfolded auction with reference base price

Auction cycle: a auction cycle is from 0:00 GMT to 23:59:59 GMT on each natural day.

Participation mode

The user uses the BTC account balance in the wallet for auction. During auction, the user can freely set the auction price, that is, 1 BTC = n dccy (n ≥ reference base price), and select the number of BTCs to be auctioned, with a minimum investment of 0.01 BTCs. After participating in the auction, the corresponding number of BTCs will be frozen. If the auction is successful, the corresponding number of BTCs will be deducted and dccy will be distributed to the account. If the transaction is not concluded, the BTCs will be unfrozen without handling charges. Blindfolded auction results take price as the first priority and time as the second priority until the auction of all quotas on the same day is completed.

Participation rules

Auction day limit: the daily limit is 2 million dccy.

Reference base price: the average price of dccy of institutions with online dccy and price indicators is selected in natural weeks

As the weekly guide price, it is updated at 0:00 GMT on Monday of each natural week.

Auction settlement: 0:00 to 3:00 GMT on each natural day is the auction settlement time of the previous natural day. After settlement, it will be settled by

The auction pool account is directly distributed to the auction user account (distributed on the dccy chain).

Bidding bonus pool: dccy foundation will add an additional dccy equal to 10% of the total amount of successful bidding on that day to reward various participants. If 1 million dccys are successfully auctioned today, up to 100000 dccys will be added for reward.

In 2020, dccy will set sail

At present, dccy has greatly improved the problems of lack of trust and high threshold between traditional finance through blind auction. Whether it is the upgrading and construction of traditional financial infrastructure or the acquisition and accumulation of traditional wealth, dccy participates as a key factor. Now we have seen dccy public chain technology blossom in all walks of life, and dccy blindfolded auction innovation mechanism also provides a new way for a single and constant wealth accumulation. Embrace dccy and let blindfolded auction shape a better wealth future for us.

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