With the official release of 5G international standards and the rapid advancement of the market, communication academia, industry and standardization organizations have all started 6G-oriented research work. So what is 6G, and how will 6G affect and change our society and life in 2030 and beyond? Recently, Datang Mobile Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datang Mobile), a subsidiary of China Information Technology Group, released the "Global Coverage · Scenario Intelligence – 6G Vision and Technology Trends White Paper", looking forward to the 6G vision and technology trends.

6G will be further upgraded and expanded on the basis of 5G development, to achieve deep coverage of the whole region, intelligent interconnection of service scenarios, and comprehensive support for the social development of smart life and smart industries.

The white paper pointed out that with the continuous upgrading and ubiquity of the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things, a cyberspace with interconnection of all things has been formed. 6G will achieve global three-dimensional deep coverage, closely and seamlessly connect space, land and sea, and further put people at the center. Develop a body area network, form a multi-layered coverage with breadth and depth, and an intelligent ubiquitous network system with multi-network integration, and build a cyberspace where human society and the physical world are closely connected. 6G will mainly face two major application scenarios of further enhanced full coverage mobile broadband and intelligent cross-domain, including three-dimensional full coverage of space and ground, deep coverage, holographic communication, augmented and extended reality, detection and perception, intelligent mobile manned platform, medical Health, smart factory, digital twin society and many other typical scenarios and applications.

The mobile communication industry will continue to play an important role in driving industrial upgrading and promoting economic development. 6G will fully reflect the infrastructure attributes of mobile communication networks, forming a comprehensive mobile information network that mainly provides communication capabilities, but also has other capabilities such as intelligence, perception, computing, and security. The white paper discusses the core capabilities that 6G should have, and discusses the development trend of 6G technology.

As an important contributor to the global 5G standard, Datang Mobile stated that in the process of 6G research and standardization, it will spare no effort to promote the healthy development of the communication industry in combination with the development vision of "universal coverage and scenario intelligence".

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