Data is a direct reflection of the development of things, it can give people to explore the current situation of things, planning for the future plays an important role. Data mining is a process of searching hidden information from a large number of data through algorithms. At present, data mining technology is gradually applied to the pharmaceutical industry to help it achieve the goal of high informatization.

The author understands that data mining technology mainly includes 8 steps: data cleaning, data transformation, data mining implementation process, pattern evaluation and knowledge representation. It is a process of repeated circulation. If each step fails to achieve the expected goal, it needs to go back to the previous step, readjust and execute. So, what are the main methods of data mining technology? How is data mining applied in pharmaceutical industry? What impact will it bring to the pharmaceutical industry?

Generally speaking, data mining technology mainly includes these methods: decision tree method, which mainly classifies the data, forms the test function, establishes each layer branch of the tree, and repeats to form the decision tree. Artificial neural network refers to the method of biological neural network, just like human neural network, which can connect the hub of input and output signals and simulate the neural system of human brain to process information. Genetic algorithm is an optimization algorithm which imitates the natural selection and genetic mechanism of Darwinian evolution. Clustering algorithm can be said to be a method of multivariate statistical research “birds of a feather flock together, people flock together”. Its main task is to find the accumulation phenomenon in large data.

Data mining technology has played a role in promoting drug research and development. It is reported that the discovery of lead compounds is a key step in the development of new drugs. Therefore, some pharmaceutical companies will look for pharmacodynamic groups through technical analysis rather than random screening. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the R & D cost and shorten the R & D cycle. At present, many countries are building drug discovery integration platform through data mining of molecular information.

Data mining technology helps the development of medical industry

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, data mining technology can also have a positive impact. China is rich in traditional Chinese medicine resources. Many precious medicinal materials are facing extinction in the increasingly bad natural environment. In order to find a suitable environment for the growth of traditional Chinese medicine, some pharmaceutical companies will use data mining technology to solve practical problems. Not only that, China has also established a national database, including a lot of important Chinese medicine data, in order to quantify the growth of medicinal materials, so as to find a suitable growth environment.

Of course, in the pharmaceutical industry, data mining technology is not only used in pharmaceutical products, but also brings convenience for the management of pharmaceutical enterprises. For example, in the aspect of customer relationship management in pharmaceutical enterprises, the powerful function of data mining technology appears. A pharmaceutical enterprise manager said that data mining technology can segment customers, which is conducive to providing personalized customized services for pharmaceutical enterprises. Data mining technology can also help pharmaceutical enterprises to develop potential customers, distinguish the concerns of customers, so that pharmaceutical enterprises can turn potential customers into actual customers.

In addition, the analysis of customer profitability, cross marketing, increase the competitiveness of enterprises are the advantages of data mining technology. Through this technology, pharmaceutical enterprises can not only scientifically manage customer relationship, but also have a clear understanding of future product R & D, market development, capital investment direction and drug listing order.

Therefore, data mining technology has brought great convenience to the pharmaceutical industry. In view of the future prospect of data mining technology, some experts say that the application scope of this technology will be more and more extensive. With the improvement of people’s demand for data mining technology, the research focus in this field will focus on processing non digital data, process visualization and intelligent development.

As for the prospect of data mining technology in the pharmaceutical industry, the expert said that the application of data mining technology in the pharmaceutical industry is still in its infancy, and there are still many challenges and problems to be solved on the road of development. Nevertheless, the technology will bring convenience to pharmaceutical companies in drug R & D and enterprise management.

And from the current market situation and the development speed of the global pharmaceutical industry, some software development and suppliers have focused on this field. They aim to provide pharmaceutical companies with more convenient technical means, make full use of the global network, so as to help them simplify the process of R & D and innovation of drugs, save resources, reduce costs and achieve the ultimate goal.


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