On July 8, Dapeng DPVR, representing the leading level of global VR development, launched its first product after the implementation of its 4K strategy – 4K version of Dapeng VR E3 game ares suit. This is the only VR game ares suit with 4K resolution in the world so far, and it is also the first pc-vr helmet after the 4K era of Dapeng VR layout. Today, I learned from Jingdong Mall that this product has begun pre-sale.

Dapeng vre3 game ares suit 4K version is released. The 4K high-definition screen has its own details

The packaging of 4K version of Dapeng VR E3 game ares suit is not different from that before. The white simple design, but the internal machine is tightly wrapped, so there will be no collision during transportation. Internal accessories include helmet, Nolo positioning base station, 2 handles, charging line instructions, etc. the self weight of helmet is only 300g. This machine also upgrades the bad feeling of myopia wearing glasses before. The adaptive headwear design eliminates the need for users to repeatedly adjust the length of the fixed belt according to the size of the head circumference, which is easy, convenient and comfortable. For nearsighted friends, E3 4K also supports wearing glasses.

True 4K high-definition screen, details have their own heaven and earth

Compared with the previous products, the biggest upgrade of the 4K version of Dapeng VR E3 game ares suit is on the screen. The screen used by this VR device is the world’s top 5.5-inch 4K resolution (3840×2160) screen, that is, the JDI high-definition fast LCD anti vertigo screen imported from Japan. The PPI can reach 818 pixels. You can enjoy the real 4K image quality and second kill the unclear products with strong grain sense on the market, See every detail in the picture.

In the trial wearing experience, its unique high-definition Blu ray level clear image quality has a better immersive experience of audio-visual games, which is unmatched by the sense of grain and crystal in traditional equipment

Immersive games, see the world within an inch

The Ares suit of Dapeng E3 game does not use traditional base station positioning, but realizes human body positioning through a long-lasting Nolo CV1 small positioning base station combined with helmet positioning device. It can realize a happy game experience in a small space through wireless connection. Such as skiing, rhythm lightsaber, radiation 4 and other VR games. In addition to more changeable game modes, the immersion of virtual VR game experience will also become stronger.

Powerful video game database

In terms of video and audio database, Dapeng VR E3 ares suit 4K supports direct login free viewing of Blu ray film sources, and supports more than 30000 3D and VR panoramic videos. For sports lovers, the 4K version of E3 package supports the live broadcast of 800 inch giant screen events, which can be seen in the slightest detail and can be seen in person.

The game supports mainstream steamvr by default, and also supports DK1 / DK2 mode to extend your senses to a greater extent. Decrypt in the real world, parkour in the virtual world, and wear E3 helmet, you will feel yourself in diversity.

The 4K version of Dapeng VR E3 game ares suit is connected to a PC for video game experience, so its performance is incomparably powerful compared with VR all-in-one machine or VR box. With the support of the computer, the 4K version of E3 package can experience more kinds of VR games with more exciting senses. With 4K resolution and definition, the VR experience will be more realistic,

Having a powerful video game database is a prerequisite for VR devices not to lie down and accumulate dust. Dapeng’s VR ecosystem has always covered a wide range of entertainment needs, from viewing to games and live broadcasting. The content in the PC can be seen. At the same time, the 4K version of E3 package also supports local video playback and virtual desktop functions, with wide variability and scalability.

The initial price of 4K version of E3 game ares suit is 3888, and the price of single helmet is 2999. It reduces the door bar of high-end VR head display, so that more game lovers can enjoy the immersive video game experience of VR helmet. This 4K helmet with higher configuration was launched for pre-sale on July 8. Interested friends can go to Dapeng Jingdong tmall flagship store to pay attention.

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