"Honey, the baby has been sent~"

Such a saying that everyone is accustomed to, still needs to "turn a few corners" in Alibaba International Station. If the baby is translated into "baby", it is easy to confuse overseas consumers.

Dharma Academy is using technology to avoid these "pits". Compared with traditional machine translation, Dharma Academy's machine translation technology will learn and understand context like a human. In the e-commerce scenario, "baby" will be automatically adjusted to contextual results like "product" according to the situation.

The translation technology of DAMO Academy has improved the translation ability between Chinese, English and small languages, making the translation more in line with the language expression habits of various regions, and helping domestic products to go global. The technology behind this is also recognized by top international institutions.

Gartner, an international authoritative research institution, released the "Report on Key Capabilities of Cloud AI Developer Services", and Alibaba ranked second in the field of speech semantic technology.

Semantic technology is the technology that allows computers to understand, process and generate language like humans; speech technology is the technology that allows computers to hear and speak like humans.

The combination of semantic technology and speech technology has created a more natural and intelligent way of interaction, allowing computers to truly have the ability to communicate like humans.

In this field, DAMO Academy has more than 300 papers included in top international conferences and won 35 world championships. This series of research results have been applied in various industries. In June 2021, the seven major subway stations of Beijing Capital Airport Line and Daxing Airport Line have opened voice ticket purchases across the board. With the help of the intelligent voice ticketing technology developed by Ali Dharma Academy, passengers can say their destination to the ticket machine, and AI can automatically determine the nearby subway station and quickly plan the optimal transfer plan. The time required for passengers to choose a station has dropped from an average of 15 seconds to 1.6 seconds.

Since 2003, the Spring Festival Gala began to add subtitles to all programs during rebroadcasts, but the live subtitles have not been realized. Yang Yang, chairman of the China Association of the Deaf, introduced that the advent of the real-time subtitle set-top box equipped with the voice and semantic technology of the Dharma Academy has enabled the hearing-impaired group to enjoy the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala without barriers for the first time.

In the Beijing Winter Olympics, the digital human "Dongdong" also used the voice and semantic technology of the Dharma Academy, so that it can realize real-life dialogue, and its dialogue is completely generated by artificial intelligence technology in the cloud. The speech semantic technology allows Dongdong to present an expressive AI image on the screen.

There is no end to technological exploration. We will continue to overcome technical problems and use technology to better serve the society.

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