On May 10, 2021, Dalian United General Assembly holdings, a leading distributor of semiconductor components committed to the Asia Pacific market, announced that its Youshang launched a 500W full bridge phase-shift zero voltage switching DC-DC converter digital power solution based on Italian French semiconductor (st) stm32g474.

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Figure 1 – display board of the digital power supply scheme of full bridge phase-shift DC-DC converter based on St products launched by the general United Nations and Youshang (I)

Due to the increasingly stringent demand for work efficiency and volume of modern electronic products, the traditional linear power supply is gradually replaced by the switching power supply. By increasing the switching frequency, the switching power supply can effectively reduce the volume of transformer and inductor core, improve the system efficiency and reduce the volume of products at the same time. However, the power transistor of the power supply with general hard switching must bear greater switching spike and switching loss. With the increase of switching frequency, the overall efficiency of the circuit will decrease.


Figure 2 – display board of digital power supply scheme of full bridge phase shift DC-DC converter based on St products launched by general United Nations and Youshang (II)

In order to solve this problem, this scheme adopts flexible switching technology to achieve zero voltage switching with full bridge phase-shifting architecture, which can greatly reduce the efficiency loss of hard switching, suppress switching surge, reduce electromagnetic interference and increase the performance of power transistor. St stm32g4 series products are based on 170mhz arm ® Cortex ®- The M4 high-speed core is built with floating-point unit and DSP extended instruction set. At the same time, it is equipped with a new hardware math accelerator of St, which once again improves the operation performance of the chip.


Figure 3 – block diagram of the digital power supply scheme of full bridge phase-shift DC-DC converter based on St products launched by the general United Nations and Youshang

Stm32g4 series perfects the existing stm32f3 series, its performance is three times that of stm32f3 series, and the maximum working temperature is 125 ℃. At the same time, this series of products have strong stability, especially the fast transient pulse (FTB) tolerance up to 5.

Core technology advantages:

1. A high-resolution timer with 12 independent channels, each channel has a resolution of 184ps, and has the function of temperature drift and voltage drift self compensation;
2. Up to 25 advanced analog peripherals:
  • Up to 5 4 million times / s 12 bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), with hardware oversampling function and 16 bit resolution;
  • Up to 6 high-speed, high gain bandwidth operational amplifiers with internal 1% gain setting;
  • Up to seven 15 million times / s 12 digit analog-to-digital converters (DACS);
  • Up to 7 comparators with a propagation delay of 16.7ns.
3. Can-fd industrial communication technology, the payload bit rate is 8 times that of standard can;
4. Operating mode power consumption is less than 165 μ A / MHz to extend battery life;
5. RAM with larger capacity, up to 128KB, with parity function;
6. The flash memory capacity is up to 512KB, with error check function (ECC);
7. Increase the flexibility and variability of DMA and external interrupts;
8. In order to optimize digital or analog functions, it is divided into three product families: Basic series, enhanced series and high-resolution series.

Scheme specification:

  • Input Voltage:400V;
  • Output Voltage:12V;
  • Output Power:500W;
  • Maximum Output Current:42A;
  • Switching Frequency:100KHz。

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