Dajiang industry application division officially delivered the first batch of 226 UAVs to Hunan Electric Power Company of State Grid in Changsha to provide intelligent guarantee for Hunan electric power inspection.

In the past, the electric power inspection is dominated by manual, and the machine is the auxiliary tool. The traditional manual line inspection method also has some shortcomings, such as the data is not intuitive, the accuracy is low, the degree of reuse is not high, the operation intensity is high, the operation cycle is long, and it is difficult to work in the complex terrain area. In recent years, UAV has become an important means of transmission line inspection, which makes the grid inspection information, visualization, three-dimensional, intelligent, and power inspection more efficient and safe.

Dajiang UAV provides intelligent guarantee for Hunan Electric Power Inspection

“In order to solve the contradiction between the increase of operation and maintenance workload and the shortage of personnel, Hunan Electric Power Company of State Grid not only optimizes the personnel allocation, but also introduces intelligent and automatic auxiliary equipment, of which UAV is an important part.” The person in charge of Hunan electric power of State Grid said that the UAV has broken through the geographical barriers, especially for some remote mountainous lines.

Hunan Province ± There are 4 UHVDC lines of 800kV Fufeng, JinSu, binjin and Qishao lines, totaling 1389km, covering many poor mountainous areas. According to the person in charge of Hunan electric power of State Grid, UAV can provide large-scale and intelligent operation solutions to the problems of hidden defects, difficult manual inspection and high security risk, so as to improve the inspection efficiency and reliability of power grid operation.

It is reported that Hunan Electric Power Company of State Grid will steadily promote the safe, intelligent and efficient development of UAV inspection operation. The delivered Dajiang UAV will also be rapidly deployed to Hunan transmission line operation and maintenance first-line teams to realize business standardization, intelligent operation and lean management, and support the comprehensive reform of line operation and maintenance mode and management mode.

On the same day, senior technicians from Hunan Baosheng UAV Co., Ltd., the industrial application partner of Xinjiang, demonstrated the UAV power inspection. Experts in application technology of Dajiang industry also conducted training on UAV safe flight, UAV Power Patrol application, daily maintenance, data storage and software management for Hunan Electric Power workers of State Grid, and discussed the deepening research and application of UAV patrol operation technology, This paper discusses the solutions to meet the needs of future line inspection and to effectively improve the efficiency and benefit of line inspection.

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