On the evening of December 15, Dajiang officially launched the industry class UAV “small steel cannon” – the industry advanced version of “Yu” 2. The UAV is “small but powerful”, equipped with infrared thermal imaging sensor and high-definition visible light sensor, and equipped with RTK module to achieve centimeter level positioning.

Dajiang officially launched the industry class UAV "small steel cannon" - the industry advanced version of "Yu" 2

Xinjiang “Royal” 2 industry advanced edition

In terms of specific configuration, the advanced version of Dajiang “Yu” 2 industry inherits the convenient folding fuselage of “Yu” 2 industry series, and is equipped with 640 × 512 thermal imaging camera and 48 million pixel visible light camera, supporting 32 times digital zoom, centimeter level PTK positioning, 10km high-definition image transmission and six way obstacle avoidance. UAV adopts high-definition and smooth thermal imaging sensor, supports point temperature measurement and area temperature measurement, and can quickly locate the target and assist operation decision. The high-definition visible light sensor supports high-definition zoom, and can easily grasp the details while keeping the operation safe.

In addition, with the PTK module, the advanced version of Dajiang “Yu” 2 industry can also achieve centimeter level positioning, with up to 240 waypoint settings, which can complete fine automatic flight inspection in complex scenes. It is worth mentioning that the advanced version of “Yu” 2 industry is light and convenient to carry. It can be deployed to take off in one minute, and the vertical climbing and landing speed is faster. It can also shuttle quickly in complex operating environment.

The advanced version of Dajiang “Yu” 2 industry can be used for fire rescue, emergency rescue, police law enforcement, energy inspection and environmental protection, etc. the price of the standard set is 36000 yuan. The set contains one aircraft, one battery, one remote control with screen, one loudspeaker, one searchlight, one night navigation light, one safety box, etc.

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