Today, I bring you some introductions and related information manuals of STM32 series and stm8 Series MCU. I hope you can find the information you want and understand some product features of STM32.

1. St stm32h7 series high performance MCU based on arm? Cortex? – M7 core!

Stm32h7 MCU series based on arm? Cortex? – M7 adopts ST’s non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. When executing code from on-chip flash memory, its processor performance score is 1327 DMIPS / 3224 coremark, which is the highest benchmark score of all microcontroller products based on Cortex-M core in the industry.Stm32h7 product line includes three series: dual core series, single core series and super value series. Dual core product series can be used with built-in SMPS to improve dynamic performancePower SupplyEfficiency. The single core series runs at 480 MHzfrequencyOr in stop mode at 280 MHz, a unique combination of performance and power saving with typical power consumption of 34 μ a. The super value series is not much different from other series in function, and it is cost-effective in economy.

2. Introduction and materials of STM32 F0!!

Why do you want to introduce this series of MCU? becauseSTM32 F0 Series MCU of STM32 integrates real-time performance, low-power computing, advanced architecture and peripherals of STM32 platform. The following series of MCU have their own characteristics and functions. Stm32f0x0 super value series microcontrollers are very competitive in the traditional 8-bit and 16 bit market, and can avoid the additional work brought by the migration of different architecture platforms and related development. Stm32f0x1 Series MCU realizes high function integration and provides multiple functionsstorageThe choice of capacity and package brings more flexible choices for cost sensitive applications. Stm32f0x2 series microcontrollers pass through theCrystal oscillatorUSB 2.0 and can busInterfaceProvides a wealth ofsignal communicationInterface, making it an ideal choice for communication gateway, intelligent energy device or game terminal.

3. Brief introduction of stm32mp1 microprocessor integrated with dual arm core & related materials!

Stm32mp1 general purpose microprocessor product series is based on hybrid dual arm cortex-a7 core and cortex-m4 core architecture products. This series of products not only fully meet the flexibility requirements of a variety of applications, but also achieve the best performance and low power consumption. Cortex-a7 kernel supports open sourceoperating system(Linux / Android), cortex-m4 kernel perfectly follows the existing STM32 MCU ecosystem, which helps developers to easily realize various development applications. Stm32mp1 has many advantages including rich development ecosystem: 1. It supports mainstream open source distribution operating system Linux and Android operating system provided by partners. 2. Stm32cube firmware library and software for cortex-m4 kernelEmbeddedSoftware package. 3. Optional 3D graphics processing unit (GPU) for advanced HMI development. 4. Rich set of digital and analog peripherals. 5. Advanced security function.

4. Introduction of STM32 l0 series Cortex-M0 + ultra low power MCU and related materials!

Every part of stm32l0 MCU of Italy and France has achieved excellent low power consumption level through optimization. Thus, a record breaking ultra-low power MCU is produced. The unique combination of arm? Cortex? – M0 + core and STM32 MCU’s ultra-low power consumption makes STM32 l0 MCU very suitable for battery powered or energy collection applications. Stm32l0 microcontroller provides dynamic voltage regulation, ultra-low power clock oscillator, LCD interface, comparator, DAC and hardware encryption. The new autonomous peripherals (including USART, I? C and touch sensor controller) share the load of arm Cortex-M0 + core and reduce the number of CPU wakes, thus helping to reduce processing time and power consumption. It also has some other value-added features, such as 16 bit ADC (hardware oversampling), USB without external crystal oscillator, short wake-up time in ultra-low power consumption mode and communication peripherals that can still work in low power consumption mode, achieving a perfect balance between integration features, high performance and ultra-low power consumption.

5. Introduction and information of stm32wb wireless MCU!

Stm32wb series supports dual core MCU with wireless function, embedded with arm? Cortex? – M4 core [application processor] with working frequency of 64 MHz and arm? Cortex? – M0 + core [network processor] with working frequency of 32 MHz. With the innovative architecture design of two completely independent kernels, it optimizes real-time execution (wireless related software processing), resource flexibility, power management and BOM cost, so as to bring better user experience.

6. About stm8s mainstream series microcontroller introduction and related information!

ST series microcontrollers are familiar to many engineers. This series of mainstream 8-bit microcontrollers are suitable for various applications in industry, consumer and computer market, especially for mass applications. The microcontroller is based on stm8 core. It adopts stm8 130nm processing technology and advanced core architecture. The main frequency is 24 MHz and the processing capacity is up to 20 MIPs. In addition to the built-in EEPROM and RC oscillator, its rich I / O and high-performance peripherals on chip are also the advantages. Since its launch, it has provided powerful and reliable solutions for designers. Although stm8s Series MCU includes four product lines with different characteristics, it maintains complete compatibility and upgradability, and is convenient to reduce the changes of product design in the future. Each of the several sub products in this series has its own advantages: stm8s00x super value series provides basic functions at a very favorable price, and now it can provide 8-pin so8 package products. The stm8s103 / 105 basic model provides more features and package options, and the stm8s207 enhanced model is equipped with a full set of peripherals to meet the performance requirements of medium and high-end applications. Stm8s provides more analog features and dedicated firmware solutions.

7. Introduction and data sharing of stm8l ultra low power MCU of Italy and France!

Stm8l ultra-low power MCU of Italy and France is based on 8-bit stm8 core. Like stm32l Series MCU, it adopts proprietary ultra-low leakage current process and adopts the lowest power consumption mode to achieve ultra-low power consumption (0.30 UA). This series of MCU includes four different product lines, which are suitable for applications requiring special attention to low power consumption. There are several word series in this series: super value series, 151 / 152 series and 162 series. Their minimum power consumption mode is 0.35 UA and dynamic operation mode is 180 UA / MHz.

8. Stm8 lighting LED tutorial sharing!

The last one to share with you is the experience tutorial on how to use stm8 to light up LED lights, and the experimental tutorial for those who have just got this board. If there are some small partners who want to try their own board, I think it will help you!

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