On August 5, 2022, the 12th Songshan Lake China IC Innovation Summit Forum was held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. This forum focused on the theme of “smart travel”. At the forum, Dr. Dai Weimin, founder, chairman and president of VeriSilicon, analyzed the current status of the domestic semiconductor industry and summarized the achievements of the forum in the past 11 years.
According to Dr. Dai Weimin, the current domestic situation is still relatively severe. Many black swan events have occurred at the same time in the past few years, and the semiconductor industry is facing many challenges. But for domestic semiconductor IC companies, the scenery here is unique. “The next five years will be a critical period for domestic substitution. For the safety of the supply chain, even if domestic chips are almost expensive, they need to be used.” He pointed out that domestic chip manufacturers must seize the opportunity in the next five years and make themselves the first batch of chips. Businesses that ran out. Because after 5 years, it may be the era of replacing domestic products.

The same is true for the semiconductor investment industry. In the past, as long as you invest before the IPO, you can definitely make money, but the status quo is not certain. The IPO may break, and the primary and secondary markets have been inverted. In addition, there are now cases on the Science and Technology Innovation Board that were rejected because they did not meet the attributes of science and technology innovation before listing. Now, many investors are starting to wait and see, just watching and not investing.

However, Dr. Dai Weimin believes that in fact, the next three years will be a good opportunity to invest in semiconductor companies, because investing in semiconductor companies is a cognitive problem in the early stage. You can only see it when others can’t see it; Only then can we seize investment opportunities; because three years later, when the situation becomes clear and everyone understands it, competition will become more intense and investment opportunities will become smaller.

Then, Dr. Dai Weimin reviewed the market performance of the chip he promoted last year. For example, as of June 2022, the total shipments of Jingwei Qili’s 60K mid-range high-performance domestic FPGA HME-P1P60 reached 150K; the total shipments of Aixin Yuanzhi’s artificial intelligence chip AX630A exceeded 100,000 pieces; The total shipments of AT5055, the end-side smart vision chip AT5055 of RISC-V architecture of Shiqing Intelligent Technology, has reached hundreds of thousands of units and so on.

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