With the rapid growth of social private enterprises, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have sprung up in the form of family workshops and “multi-purpose” places for employees’ accommodation, production, storage and operation. Due to the weak safety awareness, inadequate safety measures and the lack of effective fire warning facilities and means, these “nine small places” are unable to deal with fires in time, The rapid spread of fire causes huge hidden dangers of casualties and property losses.

The reason why the “nine small places” are the “permanent places” of fire is precisely because of their own characteristics of many distribution points and wide distribution areas. It is difficult to find out the general safety and fire control supervision and inspection, resulting in the loss of control and leakage of pipes in many places, which is easy to leave large potential safety hazards. Therefore, in addition to the government’s supervision and management, the prevention of fire also needs high-tech monitoring technology.

Scheme architecture

At present, Shixiao cloud realizes the access to the front-end of fire sensing and the cloud of video AI sensing equipment through the Internet, helping the nine small places to achieve multi-dimensional monitoring and timely alarm. It can carry out the integrated video linkage of safety and fire protection for key places, and carry out multi-level management through the access to the cloud platform, so as to realize the early detection, early alarm and early disposal of fire accidents, and comprehensively improve the intelligent management ability of fire safety in the nine small places.

Program advantages

Multidimensional perception, practical monitoring and early warning

The sensing layer of intelligent fire-fighting equipment covers smoke, temperature, gas, fire water, circuit, fire point, manual alarm and other dimensions to comprehensively monitor the area

Integrated safety and fire protection, visible fire protection

The fire control and security are supervised simultaneously. When the fire alarm is triggered, the video can be linked to quickly identify the true and false fire alarm and view the on-site fire situation in real time.

Video access, intelligent identification of multiple scenarios

The integrated monitoring of safety and fire protection realizes the remote video viewing of the platform through the front-end video monitoring equipment. With the help of the algorithm function of the platform and the equipment, it can automatically identify and upload the blockage of the fire truck passage, the occupation of the fire climbing place and the blockage of the evacuation passage, and send it to the management personnel through the platform.

Cloud access, less investment, easy installation and maintenance

There is no need for customers to deploy servers, greatly reducing equipment investment and labor costs. Battery powered, Nb, 4G and other wireless transmission, without wiring installation. It supports code scanning and adding, and the equipment is directly connected to the platform. It is fast to install and convenient to maintain.

Key products

Independent photoelectric smoke fire detection alarm

Independent combustible gas detection alarm

Image independent photoelectric smoke fire alarm detector

Zhejiang Huaxiao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dahua fire fighting) is a subsidiary of Dahua Co., Ltd. in fire fighting business, and is an advanced provider of fire fighting products and solutions. The company makes full use of the technical advantages of video analysis, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other technologies to provide one-stop services such as fire prevention and fire fighting for the city, so as to realize all-round fire management. Adhering to the principle of “customer-centric”, it provides customers with a variety of fire-fighting products and solutions in all fields according to different business scenarios, as well as a self-developed fire Internet of things platform, which can be widely used in financial, school, cultural relics, industry and other places. Company website: https://www.wisualarm.com/cn/home

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