With the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and smart home, it seems that all household appliances are attached with an “intelligent attribute”. Looking around at our daily living environment, toothbrush, toilet cover, speaker, TV, air conditioner, it seems that our household appliances are all equipped with an intelligent prefix. The refrigerator, one of the most commonly used household appliances, has become one of the intelligent household appliances with a large touch screen and intelligent hardware.

Customized refrigerator products will become another development direction of refrigerator products

Is the concept of large screen refrigerator more practical?

So the question is, are these intelligent large screen refrigerator products that integrate a huge display screen into the refrigerator door?

Digital products have been updated and iterated at a high speed. Even if the design is cool and amazing, with the breakthrough of technology and the progress of production technology, the products of the previous generation will always be replaced by the products of the latest generation. Intelligent refrigerator has become an industry trend, but even if it is a trend, it does not mean that the refrigerator should add too many “electronic” elements. At present, the “big screen” refrigerator products are mainly concentrated in the top product line with a price of 20000 or more. This big screen is very rich in functions. In addition to providing a graphical interface to control the real-time running state of the refrigerator and monitor the preservation of food, it is a large-size tablet embedded in the refrigerator door after connecting to WiFi. On this large screen, you can complete shopping, view cooking tutorials and other operations.

But think about it, do you really need this big screen ? Whether an object is needed or not can be solved by whether it can be replaced. Obviously, the functions on this large screen can be basically covered by our mobile phones and tablet computers, and the image-based refrigerator function can be controlled without such a large screen, so the answer is obvious. Another problem is the product update cycle. Digital products, especially mobile phones, are basically 1 – Two year update cycle, which is mainly determined by the replacement of their hardware. But you can recall how long the last cycle of updating household appliances was. The update frequency of TV, refrigerator and air conditioner is obviously out of sync with the update frequency of digital products. The emergence of this sense of fragmentation will eventually lead to the intelligent large screen becoming a decoration soon.

What can DIY do?

In the current environment of serious homogenization of household appliances, as the representative of “new three items”, refrigerator enterprises also hope to find a new breakthrough in the market and new selling points of products by creating differentiation, so as to attract consumers to upgrade. In addition to the large screen refrigerators mentioned above, refrigerator products that meet the needs of market segments and can be customized according to individual needs have become another development direction of refrigerator products in recent years.

Now, there are many customized refrigerator products on the market, such as Xiaoji refrigerator. They launched the refrigerator products for breast milk preservation according to the needs of mother and infant groups, emphasizing the temperature control of storage products. For women’s needs of storing cosmetics, refrigerator products with corresponding functions are also launched to solve the problem that most skin care products and cosmetics need to be stored in a cool place. In order to break consumers’ inherent cognition of refrigerators, sEMG and other brands have launched refrigerator products with unique retro feeling by using baking paint process.

In terms of food preservation, the Guojing series launched by Midea in 2019 focuses on food sterilization and pesticide removal.

Trend of high end refrigerators

Then let’s talk about the high-end refrigerator products. The refrigerator products inlaid with large screen are only the high-end product line development direction of some manufacturers, and some manufacturers choose the direction of unification with home soft decoration. Most of the high-end refrigerator products of these manufacturers adopt embedded design, which can achieve the purpose of saving space or unifying decoration style by combining with home soft decoration. Moreover, the embedded design also means that the storage space of refrigerators is also increasing. According to the data of Ovi cloud, four refrigerators account for more than three, becoming the third largest category in the refrigerator industry.

But at present, the embedded design is mainly promoted by overseas appliance manufacturers. The main reason is that foreign kitchen electrical design can provide a complete set of product configuration and installation plan. Domestic home decoration and home appliance purchase are separated, which is not conducive to the development of embedded design. In recent years, the head real estate developers are also promoting the development of fine decoration of new buildings. It is believed that in the future home decoration, embedded refrigerator will also become an important development direction of domestic refrigerator market.


According to the latest refrigerator market data released by China Yikang in the 14th week of 2020, due to the overall environment, the overall development of the home appliance market is not optimistic, while the retail sales of refrigerators in the 14th week decreased by 52.6% and 46.7% respectively. At present, the top single product is mainly the refrigerator products of traditional household appliance brands, which focus on multi door, large volume, health and preservation. From the feedback of the market, we can see that consumers pay more attention to the actual functions of refrigerators when they choose refrigerators, such as large volume, preservation technology, etc., while the intelligent functions such as large screen are just icing on the cake, and the practicability fails to reach the manufacturer’s propaganda.

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