Nowadays, with the development of economy, our family TV has become LCD TV. Whether it is LCD TV or the traditional TV used to be, it has always been the favorite electrical appliance for the elderly and children. How much is the radiation pollution of LCD TV? What is the current situation of radiation pollution of LCD TV?

Radiation pollution of LCD TV

The development trend of TV products is that LCD TV is gradually replacing the traditional CRT and becoming an indispensable household appliance in people’s life. This replacement trend itself shows that the emissivity of LCD TV is much lower than that of traditional CRT.

In fact, some people with common sense will know that when electricity passes through a conductor, it will produce a magnetic field. Therefore, in terms of radiation damage alone, it is true that LCD TV does not have as strong radiation damage as CRT screen. Its radiation itself is smaller than that of the picture tube, but it is impossible to say that there is no radiation at all. After all, it is an electronic device. Besides the liquid crystal panel, it also has many internal circuit devices. At best, it can only be said to be “low radiation” rather than “zero radiation”. The principle of radiation is that electric current generates magnetic field, magnetic field generates electric field, and electric field generates magnetic field again. And the LCD TV screen is larger than the commonly used TV screen, so according to the total radiation area of the LCD TV, the radiation is indispensable.

Now the production of liquid crystal electro-hydraulic TV generally will not cause harm to the human body, but in the manufacturing process, due to the different levels of manufacturers, the radiation value of the produced liquid crystal TV will also be different.

If the radiation is below 0.4 μ T, it is relatively safe. The unit of RF electromagnetic wave is μ w / cm2. The radiation evaluation report shows that the test results of LCD TV in the instant of power on, normal viewing, station changing and standby mode are all 0.1 μ T, and the side is only 0.11 μ T, no matter the front is half meter or the front is three meters. Basically, the radiation intensity does not change.

Xiaobian suggested that the best place near the LCD TV is similar to cactus, cactus or aloe and other drought resistant green plants.

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