“Unmanned” spring ploughing, intelligent production and fully autonomous operation This year, the unmanned intelligent equipment is playing an important role in “epidemic prevention and spring ploughing”. It can work efficiently for ten thousand mu a day with precision, time and labor saving. Intelligent robots are becoming the wind outlet of agricultural innovation in China.

High efficiency of Weeding by UAV

“The fundamental way out for agriculture is mechanization and unmanned. This is a very correct sentence. You can see that our village has 1600 mu of land. Now we only need two geese flying agricultural UAVs, which will be finished in one day. It not only ensures efficiency, but also liberates labor force. Now many villages have started to use them.”

It was the Secretary of the Party branch of Wujia village, Xinji City, Hebei Province who expressed this feeling. It’s the weeding season for wheat. From time to time, there are agricultural UAVs shuttling back and forth in the field to spray drugs. Villagers have been used to such scenes for a long time.

UAV weeding is a technical work. Without excellent scientific and technological strength, it is easy to cause drug damage. Jifei agricultural UAV has the ability of RTK precise positioning flight. The centrifugal atomization spraying system has the functions of freely adjusting the flow and the size of fog particles, no blocking, no re spraying and no leakage spraying. Under the stable air pressure and airflow of the quadrotor, the liquid medicine does not drift to avoid drug harm. It is highly valued by local governments and sought after by farmers.

Spring ploughing under epidemic situation, the tuyere of agricultural robot

Jifei agricultural UAV weeding wheat

In Ningyang, Tai’an, Shandong Province, the unified control of wheat diseases and insect pests was officially launched this spring. Affected by the epidemic, the scope of activities of farmers is limited, but farm work is not waiting for people. What can we do? Fengxin Agricultural Service Co., Ltd. of Ningyang County in Tai’an City launched the “non-contact farming” service to help farmers solve this big problem.

Through the mobile phone order, determine the need to spray pesticides field, area, set up a good route, UAV can spray operation. Through the management background of Jifei UAV, farmers can clearly see the area and parameters of UAV operation (including consumption per mu, spray width, speed, height and path) per mu. Farmers do not need to be on the spot, and complete the spring ploughing work through smart phones. Farmers not only worry less, do not run errands, but also have no contact and are very safe

“Fengxin’s” contactless “service saves time and effort. This year’s spring ploughing has not been affected by the epidemic.” On March 5, Liu Fanglin, a farmer who has just finished using the UAV spraying service, said that his family has planted more than 100 mu of land this year. He feels that there is no pressure and he is very relieved.

Unified defense rule, double guarantee of effect and efficiency.In order to ensure the town’s 35000 mu of rape and 37000 mu of wheat harvest, the government of Hesong town of Dangyang city implemented a unified control method, which mobilized 18 plant protection UAVs from professional plant protection cooperatives to conduct UAV flight defense. The daily operation volume can reach about 15000 mu, and the rape and wheat in the town can be controlled once in less than a week.

Spring ploughing under epidemic situation, the tuyere of agricultural robot

Jifei agricultural UAV rape operation

“UAV unified defense is not only better than any other year in terms of speed and quality, but also reduces the number of people going out, which is conducive to epidemic prevention and control.” Dangyang plant protection station said.

Standard configuration of agricultural production robots in the future

Spring ploughing production and epidemic prevention and control are a battle that can not be lost. With the full implementation of spring ploughing, the demand for UAV equipment and accessories is also increasing. In the workshop of geek manufacturing center, workers work overtime, and the production line is running at full speed. They are constantly producing, testing, leaving the factory, and delivering agricultural intelligent equipment and accessories, such as UAVs, to ensure the intelligent agriculture in various places Sufficient supply of equipment and accessories. With the gradual resumption of work and production in the supply chain, Jifei agricultural unmanned vehicle is about to be put into spring farming production, and it will cooperate with agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle in open space operation to further improve the efficiency of spring farming.

Agricultural robot technology, such as UAV, unmanned vehicle and unmanned tractor, is an important direction for the innovation and development of smart agriculture in the future. According to Zhao Chunjiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center, it is estimated that 700000 robots will work in the fields by 2024, when agricultural robots can effectively fill the rural labor gap.

Nowadays, the research of agricultural robot has been widely used, and it has begun to replace the traditional production methods in the aspects of automatic soil loosening, sowing, spraying, harvesting and so on. As a leading agricultural technology company in the world, Jifei will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation in the field of agriculture, greatly improve agricultural production efficiency, promote green and sustainable development of agriculture, and promote China’s transformation from an agricultural power to an agricultural power.

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