Artificial intelligence is superior. I believe this is the idea of many people. In fact, every one of us uses artificial intelligence every day, such as code scanning. Scanning code needs image recognition, and image recognition is an application of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not as far away as we think. Even a computer can operate artificial intelligence. Dell precision data science workstation is a product that can be operated by artificial intelligence.

Dell precision data science workstation

At the communication meeting of Dell precision data science workstation, Wang Zhijun, professional workstation product manager of Dell technology group, and Huang Liang, senior engineer of business terminal solutions of Dell technology group, introduced the current development of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has three basic conditions: 1. Big data; 2. Powerful infrastructure and computing power; 3. Algorithm.

On the Internet, we all exist in the form of data. Although it sounds strange, it does. It’s not muscles and blood that make up everyone, it’s 0 and 1 (binary). So when others study you, you are just a collection of tags. We are in the era of big data, so the first basic condition is available.

Different fields of artificial intelligence have different requirements for infrastructure and computing power. At present, AI mainly includes machine learning and deep learning. They complement each other and have their own fields. Machine learning needs human intervention, while deep learning is based on machine learning, and the whole process does not need human intervention.

Although it seems that deep learning is better than machine learning, the cost of deep learning is higher, and the requirement of hardware is higher, so the specific situation needs to be analyzed. Dell precision data science workstation belongs to local computing. Compared with cloud platform and server, Dell precision data science workstation is more flexible, can realize data localization, debug and modify at any time, and can change hardware specifications according to the needs of developers.

Dell precision data science workstation has tower workstation, rack workstation and mobile workstation, NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics card and geforce RTX graphics card are optional, Intel Xeon and core are optional, and precision7000 series workstations also support multi GPU, with higher computing efficiency, which can help data scientists save training model time.

In addition, Dell precision data science workstation is equipped with ECC memory as standard, and it also supports patented intelligent error correction memory (RMT). When there is an error in the memory, it can automatically shield the error part to ensure the stable operation of the system. This is very important for data scientists.

In fact, a lot of AI development is carried out locally. For example, the early prototype development is more suitable for the workstation. That’s why Dell precision data science workstation has a lot of space in the actual development process.

In addition, Dell precision data science workstation has built-in Dell optimizer intelligent tuning software, which supports AI optimization, monitors system operation status through machine learning algorithm, optimizes different software, and improves performance.

At present, the application of artificial intelligence is very common. In addition to the common code scanning, it is very common in e-commerce services, logistics, intelligent retail, industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, automatic driving and other aspects. For example, the warehousing management of e-commerce services, if through human sorting, a large number of goods will make human efficiency become very low. Through the identification system and management system, we can well realize the identification, classification and control of goods. This is achieved through big data + tag + algorithm, which is an application of artificial intelligence.

So artificial intelligence has been very common in our life, and it is not that the technology that ordinary people can’t touch is artificial intelligence. In the process of artificial intelligence serving the public, computing power is very important. As for data scientists, Dell precision data science workstation enables data insight with powerful computing power, helping data scientists.

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