After a long 237 day “off-season”, CSL finally ushered in the “day of resumption”.

After CBA, CSL has become the second professional sports event in China’s sports industry to complete the semi-finals. The “resumption of work” of CSL and CBA has undoubtedly injected a booster into the hard hit Chinese sports industry and brought great confidence to the recovery of the whole sports industry.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth semi-finals of the CSL, all parties have tried their best to escort the CSL. China Football Association and China Super League have formulated strict and comprehensive semi-finals and epidemic prevention plans; The local government and the organizer provided sufficient and perfect competition and logistics support for all teams of the CSL; In order to present a wonderful live broadcast of the event, the event broadcaster and broadcasting platform continue to explore how to “restore” the atmosphere of watching the game to the greatest extent for the fans in the empty game.

How to add a “sense of scene” to empty games is also a challenge to restart sports events under the epidemic. The lack of “sense of scene” not only makes it difficult to mobilize the players’ emotions and reduces the players’ enthusiasm, but also makes the fans lack the high emotion of watching the ball on the court in the past, reducing the appreciation and interaction of the event.

Migu of China Mobile took the lead in exploring the problem of enhancing the “sense of presence”. Following the full launch of “5g cloud audience” black technology in CBA semi-finals, Migu launched a new black technology “5g cloud box” in tonight’s CSL semi-finals, which combines the three functions of watching the game + audio and video instant messaging + event broadcasting. Migu’s 5g cloud box function focuses on the concepts of “private customization” and “online crowd watching”, breaks through the limitations of time and space, and meets the interactive needs of real-time online watching and chatting between friends anytime and anywhere. It is reported that “5g cloud cry” will also be launched in the next CSL competition.

CSL ushers in the era of digital live broadcasting. Can 5g + sports make another breakthrough

Migu video 5g cloud box experience

In addition, most sports events also take technical measures such as virtual sound effect and VR broadcasting to increase the on-site atmosphere. For example, the Premier League will add virtual fans to cheer in the game after the semi-finals. This measure has also been recognized by the fans. According to the survey data of the daily mail, after the restart of the Premier League, 75% of the audience chose to watch the video stream with virtual fan sound. This data shows that the addition of new technologies has effectively improved the experience of watching games at home during the epidemic.

The wave of “5g + sports” swept through

The epidemic has plunged China and even the global sports industry into crisis. Practitioners must actively seek change to tide over the difficulties caused by the epidemic. During this period, accelerating the transformation to digital has become the “consensus” of the sports industry. In addition, with the continuous development of 5g technology, the ability of 5g with low delay, large bandwidth and wide connection paves the way for the acceleration of “cloud sports”. How to accelerate the combination of “5g + sports” in this difficult time is also a good opportunity for the development of sports industry. The wave of “5g + sports” may come.

The development of 5g technology will bring subversive changes to all aspects of life, and the sports industry is no exception. For example, in cooperation with Vodafone, Manchester United is laying a 5g network for the home Old Trafford stadium. At that time, the dream theater will be the first 5g stadium in the Premier League. After the 5g reconstruction project of dream theater is completed, more unique scenes may be presented in Manchester United’s games in the future, bringing a new viewing experience to the fans.

As the exclusive broadcaster of the Premier League in Australia, Optus sports also uses 5g network to broadcast the Premier League in 2019-20. After using 5g network to broadcast Premier League events, Optus sports changed the previous unexpected situations such as signal interruption, delay and unclear picture quality, which greatly improved the user’s viewing experience. In the past year, the number of subscribers of Optus sports channel has exceeded 700000, a record high.

Both Manchester United and Optus sports show that the integration of “5g + sports” will bring fans a higher quality sports event viewing experience. Practitioners in the sports industry are also trying to explore the integration mode of “5g + sports”.

In the wave of “5g + sports” in China, Migu took the lead in exploring the blue ocean

The wave of “5g + sports” has also set off a wave in China’s sports industry. With the continuous implementation of 5g innovation and application in China, 5g has been more and more practiced in sports events in China.

On October 31, 2019, the three major telecom operators released 5g packages, representing China’s formal entry into the 5g commercial era. By the end of June 2020, the number of 5g package customers of China Mobile alone had reached 70.1099 million, and 5g was rapidly integrating into public life.

But in fact, the profound “friendship” between 5g and Chinese sports can be traced back further. As early as January 2019, relying on the 5g first mover advantage of China Mobile, Migu has successively realized 5g + true 4K Ultra HD live broadcasting in a series of sports events such as CBA, paichao, Zhongchao, ice and snow, refreshed many records of “global first”, and made the first exploration of the integration of 5g technology and sports events.

For example, in tonight’s China Super League semi-finals, Migu introduced a large number of 5g black technologies, including not only the exclusive 5g + real 4K live broadcast and 5g cloud box, but also the 5g + UAV live broadcast technology for the first time to capture high-altitude lenses in real time and reproduce God’s perspective to watch the game, so as to present more powerful panoramic lenses for fans and more intuitively understand the dynamics of the game. The live broadcast of CSL VR will also be launched in Migu video, which greatly enriches the forms of fans watching sports events. With the continuous deepening of the integration of “5g + sports”, more innovative and interesting 5g ball watching black technologies will appear in the future.

How to play the Internet platform under the wave of “5g + sports”?

So how does the sports Internet platform “play” under the 5g wave? “5g + sports” is the future trend, and “copyright + content” is the cornerstone.

Since the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Migu has officially entered the competition for sports copyright on the Internet platform. In the live broadcast of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Migu took the lead in adopting technologies that are fashionable in Russia, such as true 4K technology and 50 frames of original paintings, to feast the eyes of fans.

Since then, China Mobile Migu’s forward-looking layout on “5g + sports” is based on 5g technology leadership and numerous sports copyrights. At present, users can watch many sports events on Migu video, including China Super League, CBA, volleyball Super League, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, French league, snooker, ice and snow, e-sports, and truly achieve the “one-stop enjoyment” of sports events.

At the same time, Migu has made diversified exploration around 5g technology and copyright events. In China Super League, CBA and other sports IP events, 5g, 4K, VR and other live technologies are integrated to bring new viewing experience to fans. The combination of “5g + copyright” makes Migu differentiated on the highly competitive Chinese sports Internet platform.

In addition, Migu is also gradually making efforts to produce and aggregate “5g + content”. In order to welcome this special CSL season, Migu and Xinhuanet jointly launched the in-depth self-made program 5g overlooking the forefront of CSL in the world, focusing on CSL in the form of 5g connection of reporters in front, professional analysis in the rear and 5g black technology interaction. The biggest highlight of the program is to interpret the CSL in the new season from the novel perspective of 5g technology.

The first episode of “5g overlooking the forefront of China Super League”

In the first online program, host Yan Qiang and guest Liu Jianhong talked about the changes in the reporting mode of football events in the past 20 years in the 8K four Screen Studio full of sense of science and technology, and interacted with the reporters in front of the two competition areas through 5g.

Liu Jianhong is also full of expectations for the arrival of “5g + sports”. “5g will bring earth shaking changes to video communication. However, the 5g era has just begun. At present, what we see is only ripples on the water surface, and surging under the water.” Liu Jianhong said.

In the next program “5g overlooking the new home of China Super League”, there will be big guests to popularize 5g black technology, and a question and answer session of 5g knowledge will be set in the program. Lucky fans can get the opportunity to chat with big media players, famous football speakers, famous players in the football world and retired international players.

From the perspective of sports business, “5g overlooking the forefront of the Chinese Super League in the world” not only brings the latest information of the Chinese Super League semi-finals to the fans in an innovative program form by combining 5g technology and the hot spots of the Chinese Super League semi-finals, but also leads the fans to experience the wonderful spark of the collision between 5g and sports in advance.

With the promotion of new infrastructure, 5g will penetrate all walks of life, and major Internet platforms will start a new round of competition in the new era of 5g. When the wave of “5g + sports” strikes in an all-round way, can China Mobile Migu ride the wind and waves with the blessing of “technology + copyright + content” and take the lead in breaking the situation as a leader?

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