Class D audio amplifier IC has the advantages of small size, less heat generation, high integration and high-definition sound quality. The same voltage can provide higher output power than traditional class AB audio amplifiers, and the board area is reduced. Ideal for audio system consumer electronics such as speakers and subwoofers. In recent years, Class D audio power amplifier ICs have become more and more widely used because of their high efficiency and in line with the development trend of modern society.

A few days ago, Shenzhen Yongfukang Technology Co., Ltd. vigorously promoted a 2x80W dual-channel high-power Class D audio amplifier IC-CS8685H, which adopts a unique EQB-32 (top heat dissipation pad external heat sink) package, with strong driving ability. It can ensure high-power output, drive two 4-ohm speakers at 26V power supply voltage, without any power or current limitation, and achieve high-power and high-efficiency audio output. Fully meet the needs of sound bars, rear-mounted car audio solutions, and high-power Bluetooth speakers.

Key Features and Benefits

– 5.0V to 35V wide power supply voltage to adapt to a variety of power supply applications: support 3 or 4 cells lithium battery, lead-acid lead-acid boost to 26V; 18-30V adapter power supply and other applications;

– Programmable control of master-slave mode, which can realize infinite cascaded power output to meet multi-channel applications such as 2.1, 4.0, and 5.1;

– Multiple switching frequency optional, AM suppression function, to avoid radio interference;

– Low RDS(on), 20% lower than the leading competitive products, can improve the low frequency dive;

Measured output power index


CS8685H is a 2x80W stereo class D audio power amplifier. This device is designed with a heat dissipation pad on the top layer. After the heat sink is connected to the pad, it can output a maximum continuous power of 2x75W under the condition of a supply voltage of 24V; through the master-slave mode The setting of CS8685H can make the CS8685H realize infinite cascade, so as to realize the multi-channel output of the system; CS8685H has advanced EMI suppression technology, it adopts surface mount technology, only needs a small number of peripheral devices, so that the system has high-quality audio output power . CS8685H has built-in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and overheating protection, which can effectively protect the chip from being damaged under abnormal working conditions. The CS8685H can achieve a maximum efficiency of more than 93%, and the microchip with a withstand voltage of more than 40V provides ultra-high reliability, which can limit the proportion of defective products in the production process.

CS8685H provides a special EQB32 package for customers to choose. The appropriate package size provides the greatest convenience for customers to install heat sinks. Its rated operating temperature range is -40℃ to 85℃.


Output power (THD+N=10%)

VDD = [email protected] = 4 Ω 2x75W

VDD = [email protected] = 4Ω 2x100W(peak)

Output power (THD+N=1%)

VDD = [email protected] = 4 Ω 2x50W

VDD = [email protected] = 4 Ω 2x62W

VDD = [email protected] = 4Ω 2x70W

VDD = [email protected] = 6Ω 2x60W

VDD = [email protected] = 6Ω 2x68W

Single power supply, wide power supply voltage range: 5V-30V

High reliability design: 40V withstand voltage design

Efficiency up to 93%

Three-stage gain optional

Mute function control

Programmable control in master-slave mode for infinite cascaded power output

Audio system with filter network, quiescent current is less than [email protected]

Multiple switching frequency optional, AM suppression function

Programmable Power Limit

Good short-circuit protection and temperature protection with automatic recovery

Good distortion and pop resistance

Enhanced Package Design: Special Design of Top Thermal Pad

Differential input

Compliant with automotive application requirements

Application Information

1. CS8685H pin map

2. CS8685H pin description

3. CS8685H DEMO board schematic

4. CS8685H DEMO board PCB top-level design

5. CS8685H DEMO board PCB bottom design

6. CS8685H DEMO board patch diagram

7. CS8685H DEMO board bill of materials

8. Physical drawing of CS8685H DEMO board

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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