With the vigorous development of intelligent connected vehicles, more and more players are entering the track, and they are looking for their own roles in the broad competition. From the intelligent cockpit and vehicle engine system inside the vehicle to the lidar outside the vehicle and vehicle road coordination, there are competition between vehicle enterprises before, and then the pursuit of the Internet. During this period, some enterprises providing technology platforms are connected.

In the field of intelligent cockpit, such as Zhongke Chuangda and Desai Xiwei, which are relatively mature in the industry, not only provide technical support for car manufacturers, but also enable bat to integrate the overall operating system. Nowadays, it is emphasized that “software defines car”, so why is software important? The top-level logic is because of data, sensors and actuators can be data, data must be processed by software. For example, the need to do better braking effect, we need to improve the mechanical transmission, with the software can make a variety of user experience algorithm.

Based on this concept, compared with the previous version, turboxauto4.5, a cross system integrated intelligent cockpit platform released by China Science and technology Chuangda, has three main iterative functions: one is rapid deployment of multiple scenarios based on SOA architecture, supporting user scenario customization, connecting more IOT devices and applications, and realizing further integration of vehicle and cloud; the other is in vehicle and in vehicle vision including DMS The third is the personalized interactive terminal, such as the anthropomorphic intelligent robot.

In the DMS demonstration, the visual perception system can detect the driver’s state, which is necessary in terms of laws and regulations. But in what way, we need to use the user’s data feedback, and then create what we need with consumers according to the algorithm.

In a word, Li Weishan thinks that it is not so much “software defined car” as “user requirements defined car”. “Everyone compares a car to a mobile phone. In my opinion, a car should be more like a PC. standardization of hardware and branding of software mean that there is a common standard for hardware and networking system – cross system.” Li Weishan said.

Does cross system integration mean that the role of software enterprises has changed? In view of the problem of role positioning, Liu Wei, director of auto driving business line of Neusoft Ruichi, once said that the future cooperation mode of auto driving will be from the original module procurement to the collaborative development among manufacturers. At the thunderworld 2020 conference, Li Weishan also mentioned that the entire automobile industry is evolving from an industrial chain to an industrial network. In this “network”, OS operating systems, chips, first-class suppliers, software suppliers, IP partners, Internet service providers, etc. have established intertwined links between automobile manufacturers and consumers.

From this point of view, when the industrial chain is opened, its efficiency will be improved. As a platform technology provider, Zhongke Chuangda serves car factories and empowers other roles in the industrial chain. “The task of Zhongke Chuangda is to be the empowerment of everyone. The car factory should do its own valuable part. These basic technologies and platforms are not cost-effective for them. For us, we can be more efficient in empowerment, whether it is the car factory or bat. If the underlying software platform is better and the hardware is standardized, a lot of problems can be avoided, the software separation can be better realized, and the iteration cycle of the whole car factory will be accelerated, so as to improve the efficiency of the whole industry. ” Li Weishan said so.

In recent years, China’s intelligent cockpit market has developed rapidly. Soochow securities previously predicted that the annual compound growth rate of China’s main intelligent cockpit products will be 15.2%, and the market scale may reach 56.68 billion yuan in 2020. Huatai Securities also estimates that the market scale of China’s Internet of vehicles industry is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020, so the fierce market competition in the future can be imagined.

For all automotive technology suppliers, Huawei’s involvement in the automotive field will always have a slight impact on its business. The stock price of Zhongke Chuangda also fluctuated sharply due to the rumor that Huawei made cars, but both sides responded to this later. Huawei said that it would not build complete vehicles within three years, but focused on ICT technology to help automobile enterprises build good vehicles and become an incremental component provider of intelligent networked vehicles. Zhongke Chuangda also said that Huawei is its own ecological partner, with which it co empowers the car factory. Huawei focuses on ICT technology, and Chuangda focuses on the common operating system technology in the intelligent automobile industry. Both sides jointly provide intelligent cockpit products to automobile manufacturers.

Referring to the differences between the cooperation between China Science and technology Chuangda and Huawei and the cooperation between Chuangda and Qualcomm in the automotive field, China Science and technology Chuangda said that in the smart car business, Chuangda relies on years of technology accumulation to design and deliver the intelligent cockpit platform. In the intelligent networking and intelligent driving industry pattern of “hard and soft separation”, Chuangda focuses on the common operating system technology of the intelligent automobile industry, accelerates the development of the industry to the industrial trend of “hard and soft separation”, and improves the efficiency of the whole industry. As a neutral operating system manufacturer, the company supports the innovation of hardware manufacturers, application manufacturers and algorithm manufacturers in the industry. These manufacturers are the company’s ecological partners.

Li Weishan told cheyun.com that the intelligent cockpit is developing at a high speed, so it’s inevitable for high-power chips to have market support. At the same time, we also have cooperation with Huawei. However, unlike mobile phones, mobile phones are a chip solution that can be sold to the world, so it’s worthwhile to invest a lot of money. However, the amount of cars is far less than that of mobile phones, so the resources invested by chip manufacturers are different from that of mobile phones.

Summary of Che Yun

The intelligent cockpit occupies an important proportion in the automobile industry, and the user’s dependence on the intelligent cockpit is also higher and higher. This time, China kechuangda has repeatedly emphasized that the user needs to define the car. With the progress of intelligent cockpit technology and the evolution of ecology, the intelligent cockpit will have a benign progress depending on the user experience.

For enterprises, Chuangda has its own technological advantages, but with the entry of other technology manufacturers, the competition will become fierce. According to Zhongke Chuangda, the current market share of cooperation with auto enterprises has reached 60%, and the future resource allocation and cooperation ability may be the key to success.

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