Credo, Shenzhen, China, September 8, 2020 credo, a global leader in high-performance, low-power serial connection solutions, today announced the launch of seagull 50, a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) for optical communication in 5g wireless communication networks. Credo seagull 50 meets the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of mobile networks, supporting long-distance transmission and industrial temperature range. Credo seagull 50 can be configured in two operating modes: 2x25g1x50g and 1x50g1x50g. Seagull 50 uses credo’s unique design architecture to minimize chip size and uses mainstream processes to reduce product costs.

Credo will show seagull 50 and dove 100 / 150 / 200 / 400 DSP products at booth 8a21 from September 9 to 11, 2020.

“Credo seagull 50 high performance DSP is the ideal choice for 5g wireless communication network, which is specially built by credo for 5g next generation forward and medium transmission networks,” said Qian Haoli, vice president of credo architecture

Chris DePuy, founder and technical analyst of 650 group, said: “in 5g networks, the wireless access network (RAN) architecture has changed a lot, which makes 5g networks need more high bandwidth forward and intermediate links. A large number of new network connections in the 5g era require a new generation of high-capacity transmission systems capable of transmitting several kilometers at a rate of 50g. “

Credo seagull 50 (product number: cfd10101) is a multi-functional full duplex product with industry-leading low-power performance. It can be used in the next generation of qsfp28, dsfp and sfp56 pluggable optical modules supporting 50 Gbps Sr / DR / FR / LR / ER transmission distances based on pam4 modulation. Seagull 50 can operate in the industrial temperature range of – 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃, and is very suitable for data center and 5g wireless / ecpri forward, intermediate and return applications.

Seagull 50 is an optical communication DSP with two modes, which can be used as a gearbox or retimer.

In the gearbox mode, the chip configuration is as follows: dual channel 24.33-25.78 Gbps NRZ on the device side to 50.135-53.125 Gbps pam4 on the line side; in the retimer mode, the chip is configured as: single channel 50.135-53.125gbps pam4 to single channel 50.135-53.125gbps pam4.

Seagull 50 uses credo’s leading digital signal processing (DSP) technology and equalization technology. While maintaining high performance, low cost is one of the main demands of 5g network which needs to be widely deployed for optical module. Therefore, as a key component of optical module, DSP needs to achieve appropriate cost, thus promoting the wide use of DML laser, and finally accelerating the development of those immature optical devices. This design orientation also supports the industrial grade operating temperature range as required by the forward transmission and longer transmission distance in the intermediate / return transmission. DSP can provide high performance, stable and reliable optical communication solutions by compensating optical damage and nonlinear effects caused by optical devices, temperature changes and optical fibers.

Key features of credo seagull 50 include:

Two configuration modes of 2x25g1x50g and 1x501x50g

It can be interconnected with existing optical modules

Multi order pre emphasis

Continuous time linear equalizer (CTLE)

High performance DSP has multi-stage DFE / FFE receiving equalization ability

Optimized, peer-to-peer compact firmware

Support industrial temperature range (- 40 ℃ to 85 ℃)

Determined time delay

Industry leading ultra low power consumption



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