The world artificial intelligence conference held in Shanghai for three consecutive years has arrived as scheduled, and the cloud summit of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference is held in the form of online and offline. As one of the organizers of the cloud summit of the 2020 world artificial intelligence conference, under the guidance of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Donghao Lansheng group has made all-round investment in the construction of online platform, content planning, organization and operation, media publicity and other links, actively dedicated the “spirit + wisdom” of all team members to ensure that the conference will be held on schedule Wonderful.

Artificial intelligence has become the core driving force of a new round of industrial change, which is having a profound impact on the world economy, social progress and human life. Since 2014, the entrepreneurial tide of China’s artificial intelligence industry has begun to rise. 2015 is a real year of artificial intelligence entrepreneurship. The state has issued a series of policies to support the development of artificial intelligence, promoting China’s artificial intelligence industry into a new stage, and a considerable number of excellent start-up companies have emerged. In July 2017, the State Council officially issued the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan, which established the strategic goal of “three steps” for the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence has risen to the national strategic level: it is clear that by 2020, the technical standards, service system and industrial ecological chain of artificial intelligence will be initially established; By 2025, AI industry will enter the high end of global value chain; By 2030, the competitiveness of AI industry will reach the international leading level. Exchanges and cooperation between China and the global AI industry are also deepening.

Create a pure 3D virtual environment exhibition area to promote the healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence

The theme of this year’s conference is “the common home of the world”, with 1 opening ceremony, 2 plenary meetings, 10 theme forums and several industry forums. The exhibition part has created an unprecedented 3D virtual ai home. For this year’s AI conference, innovation is inevitable, breakthrough is necessary, and challenges are also increasing“ Every year, the AI conference will have new highlights and breakthroughs. When it’s over, it will return to zero and start again. ” Cao Wei, President of Donghao Lansheng group, issued a military order to the project team of the world artificial intelligence conference of Donghao Lansheng group when the countdown to the world artificial intelligence conference was five days.

3D virtual ai home

Climbing to the top of “cloud”

Due to the repeated outbreaks, it was not until April 10 this year that it was determined that the 2020 world artificial intelligence conference would be conducted mainly online. According to the introduction of the project team of the world artificial intelligence conference of Donghao Lansheng group, the whole team completed the online presentation scheme of the AI conference in only 10 days“ AI conference, whether online or offline, must have a sense of science and technology and a sense of cutting edge in order to be worthy of the words “world artificial intelligence conference.” After several rounds of brainstorming, the creation of 3D virtual ai home was born. Based on Shanghai, the home creates a pure 3D virtual environment exhibition area, including AI + industry, AI + basic technology, AI + medical treatment, AI + transportation, AI + education, AI + finance, AI + urban management and Commerce, AI ecological industry circle and other exhibition areas. Visitors can freely experience the most cutting-edge black technology in virtual space with virtual identity and virtual image, Feel the future world and appreciate the infinite possibilities brought by artificial intelligence.

Behind the cool concept, solid technical support is needed. In order to perfectly present the creativity of 3D virtual ai home, throughout may, the project team of Donghao Lansheng group was always in the “cloud”. Technical members studied and discussed the solutions provided by Huawei cloud and Alibaba cloud one by one, and the workload was doubled. The presentation effect was finally recognized and appreciated by many industry celebrities.

Creating an open environment

Promote the healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence

In the field of artificial intelligence, the whole world is on the same track. For the project team of Donghao Lansheng group, hosting the world artificial intelligence conference is not only a grand event, but also an industry wind vane, striving to promote the healthy development of new generation of artificial intelligence, boost the landing application of AI achievements, and stimulate the “leading geese” effect.

The development of artificial intelligence industry is still a long way to go, and the update iteration speed is very fast. The project team said that although the United States has some restrictions on the development of artificial intelligence in China at present, the attention of overseas professional fields to the conference is still quite high. Qiu Haoming, head of the project team of the world artificial intelligence conference of Donghao Lansheng group, said frankly: “at the beginning of this year, the process of inviting guests was very painful. At that time, the epidemic situation in China was relatively serious, most of the heavyweight guests could not determine their itinerary, and most of the participating enterprises were watching.” When the AI conference announced that it was mainly presented online, the “plot” reversed, and the number of top celebrities increased compared with last year. Among them, the number of Turing Award speakers increased to 7, 5 more than last year. These top celebrities will participate in the conference forum through live broadcast, speech recording and other “cloud” ways to contribute cutting-edge research results and concepts. Creating an open environment is the constant direction of the project team in the process of undertaking, which has greatly enhanced the international influence of the world artificial intelligence conference.

The implementation of artificial intelligence technology needs to rely on different application scenarios. In the past year, Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in AI application empowerment. In the course of novel coronavirus pneumonia, intelligent medical robots, AI new crown pneumonia auxiliary diagnostic system and intelligent outgoing system have been put into the forefront of epidemic prevention and control in this year, and achieved good results.

To host the world artificial intelligence conference, it is ultimately necessary to promote the development of the industry and promote the implementation of achievements, which is what the project team of Donghao Lansheng group has been insisting on. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s exhibition scheme has moved from offline to online, but it has not weakened the momentum of project team’s recruitment and investment. Top enterprises in the industry such as Microsoft, Amazon, Shangtang, etc. are still actively involved. The project team’s service mode for exhibitors has also changed from “display board booth” to “immersive” virtual display. The project team said that in order to connect the Internet presentation of nearly 100 exhibitors, in less than two months, more than 200 web pages have been created simultaneously, which is a “crazy amount” that I didn’t even dare to think about before.

Online and offline integration

New model helps to build the International Exhibition City

After the epidemic, how will the development of the global exhibition industry change? How to combine online exhibition with offline exhibition? This is a topic for all the participants. There is no ready-made answer, but one thing is for sure that in order to become one of the world’s famous exhibition enterprises, it is certainly not enough to rely on offline exhibition alone. A new “arena” is being formed.

Under the pressure of the epidemic situation, the project team of the world artificial intelligence conference of Donghao Lansheng Group actively developed the online conference system, which can interact with the original offline conference system and has powerful functions, leaving a valuable fortune for the development of the main exhibition industry of Donghao Lansheng group“ This year is quite special. After the end of the epidemic next year, we are already thinking about how to carry out the exhibition in the future. ” Qiu Haoming said that offline exhibition can not be replaced, but how to combine with online exhibition, how to realize marketization and how to play are definitely different. This is also the issue to be discussed by Donghao Lansheng group immediately after this year’s conference.

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