Music is our indispensable life tonic. As a fashion symbol, Bluetooth headset is a necessary playing tool for music. Therefore, Bluetooth headset has become an artifact of listening to music in our life. However, Bluetooth headsets are also graded. The sound quality of general Bluetooth headsets is very general, which can not bring us the enjoyment of music at all. However, there will always be high-quality Bluetooth headphones. The following are those headphones that belong to music. Hifi sound quality can make you feel that the world is so beautiful.

1、 Nineka Nanka N2 Bluetooth headset

Cost effective Bluetooth headset recommendations

Nineka Nanka N2 Bluetooth headset is the most popular Bluetooth headset recently. Some time ago, it was rated as the “most cost-effective first choice” of Bluetooth headset in 2019 by major digital media. Its online popularity and hot sales have been sublimated and affirmed again. In the final analysis, it is because nineka Nanka Bluetooth headset can well meet the needs and imagination of consumers in terms of sound quality, workmanship, endurance and noise reduction function. In order to ensure the headset quality, nineka Nanka N2 Bluetooth headset has gone through more than 30 processes from material selection, cutting, shaping and grinding to create a unique high-quality product.

This nineka Nanka N2 Bluetooth headset has a good reputation in the industry for its high comfort and sound quality. In the testing stage, it has established a high-standard acoustic laboratory. It also hired Canadian Toronto musician William Arnaldo to work with 20 European and American tuners for two years to adjust millions of times for different music styles, so that its sound quality can highly restore the original sound and show a strong and broad range, It makes the treble dynamic and the bass powerful, which is comparable to the effect of thousand yuan headphones. The eighth generation of high-definition noise reduction technology, intelligent consideration of environmental noise, audio data transmitted by the left and right headset, to achieve simultaneous interpreting of two ears, making the sound clear and three-dimensional, like face to face chat. Therefore, it is loved by many college students, skateboarders, donkey friends, runners, cyclists and digital talents.

2、 B & oearset Bluetooth headset

Although earset is small in size and light in weight, it is still equipped with a 14.2mm sounding earphone unit. The impression of earphone sound in large size can be simply described as “introverted scale and clear sound” “Like most Bluetooth audio products of B & O, earset can be controlled online through the beoplay app of mobile phone version, adjust the sound style and upgrade the firmware.

3、 Sony WF - 1000x

Sony is probably one of the Bluetooth headset manufacturers who are most willing to do a good job in sound quality. The sound quality of 1000x series products is also excellent among Bluetooth headsets of the same level. The audio encoders supported by wf-1000x are SBC and AAC, and whether to switch to SBC can be selected according to the situation in the software setting option. Wf-1000x has a miniature moving coil unit with a diameter of 6mm built-in, Placed in a protruding catheter.

4、 JBL free

As a work of JBL, a well-known speaker brand, JBL free true wireless Bluetooth headset still has high-quality sounds of nature. In terms of configuration, a 5.6mm drive unit is used inside the headset, and it is carefully adjusted by JBL professional tuning engineers.

5、 Rambler tws3 Bluetooth headset

As a veteran company immersed in the audio field for 22 years, wireless transmission alone can not satisfy them. Rambler tws3 true wireless Bluetooth headset adopts 8mm neodymium magnetomotive coil and imported CSR Bluetooth chip. While maintaining stable and smooth audio transmission, the sound quality performance is also good. The left and right headphones sound at the same time, and the stereo surround the aftersound.

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