Although the expected release time of Intel comet lake-s 10 generation desktop core is delayed, the model exposure is still continuing, and 3dmark continuously provides new materials, indicating that the new generation is in the final intensive testing.

Today, the name of the high-end core i9-10900 appears for the first time. It is really 10 cores and 20 threads. Although the frequency benchmark is only 2.8GhZ, ruipin can run to 4.9ghz.

Core i9-10900 exposes 10 cores and 20 threads, and Rui can run to 4.9ghz

It must be the flagship core i9-10900k, which will reach 5.0ghz. The thermal design power consumption should be 125w, but it is said that the actual power consumption is exaggerated, which can reach 300W at full load.

It is worth mentioning that in 3dmark, there was another type of 10 core 20 thread with frequency of 2.5-4.5ghz. At that time, I thought it was i9-10900, which was obviously not the case.

According to the previous exposure, there are indeed three types of core 10 of the 10th generation core. The thermal design power consumption is 125w, 65W and 35W respectively. However, Intel can really achieve 65W of i9-10900 and 35W of this unknown model?

In addition, 3dmark also exposed a midrange model core i5-10500, with 6 cores and 12 threads, with a reference frequency of 3.1ghz and unknown Rui frequency.

Previously known 10 generation core models are: Celeron G5900, Pentium g6600, i3-10100 / 10100t / 10300 / 10320, i5-10400 / 10400f / 10600 / 10600t, i7-10700.

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