On December 21, 2021, Shanghai, China – the domestic EDA and filter industry leader, core and semiconductor technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “core and semiconductor”) announced that at the 16th “China core” integrated circuit industry promotion conference in 2021, core and semiconductor won the “China core” EDA excellent support service enterprise award.


“China chip” IC industry promotion conference is a national IC industry event organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute. It is one of the most influential and authoritative industry conferences in the field of integrated circuits in China. The “China core” excellent product collection activity held at the same time of the conference aims to commend the achievements of product innovation, technological innovation and application innovation in the field of domestic integrated circuits, give play to the demonstration effect, influence and drive the development of the industry, and has become a wind vane and review of the development of domestic integrated circuit products and technologies.

As a leader in the domestic EDA industry, core and semiconductor have formed a complete set of simulation EDA solutions from chip package to board level and covering the whole semiconductor industry chain through eleven years of research and development. Driven by system analysis, core and semiconductor simulation EDA has opened up all simulation nodes of IC Design in the post Moore era, and fully supports advanced technology and advanced packaging.

  • At the advanced process end, core and semiconductor have passed the certification of the mainstream process of major wafer factories, providing the industry’s top on-chip chip modeling and simulation capabilities to ensure chip level PPA. In 2021, Samsung, the world’s second largest wafer factory, announced that core and semiconductor officially became its safe-eda ecosystem partner. The on-chip passive electromagnetic field (EM) simulation suite of core and semiconductor has successfully passed the 8 nm low power consumption (8lpp) process technology certification of Samsung wafer factory.
  • At the advanced packaging end, the simulation analysis scheme of core and semiconductor extends from the traditional packaging to the field of 2.5d/3dic heterogeneous integrated packaging, providing perfect simulation analysis capability. In 2021, core and semiconductor joined hands with Xinsi technology, which ranked first in EDA in the world, and released the world’s first 3dic advanced packaging design and analysis EDA platform.
  • In addition, following the development direction of system integration design in the post Moore era, while supporting advanced processes and advanced packaging, core and semiconductor have built an EDA platform for “electronic system” modeling, simulation and analysis, including RF system analysis platform and high-speed digital system analysis platform, From the perspective of system integration design and analysis to help designers improve the PPA of various electronic products and shorten the product launch cycle.

These independent innovative products have quickly narrowed the gap with the international leading EDA, enabled and accelerated the design of a new generation of high-speed and high-frequency intelligent electronic products at home and abroad, and provided excellent support services to alleviate the current situation of the neck of the domestic semiconductor industry.

Dr. Dai Wenliang, co-founder and senior vice president of core and semiconductor, said: “we are very honored to be recognized by the Organizing Committee and selection experts of” China core “and selected core and semiconductor as the” China core “EDA excellent support service enterprise award in 2021. Core and semiconductor will continue to polish a series of cutting-edge technologies such as differentiated EDA simulation solution technology, rich semiconductor partner ecosystem and cloud computing, and launch more powerful EDA and chip solutions around 5g mobile communication, Internet of things, data center and automotive electronics, so as to serve the vigorous development of domestic semiconductor industry. “

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