On July 7, 2021, Shanghai Kuxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. grandly released the new generation AI camera chip ar9341 at the world artificial intelligence conference.

The chip is the second generation of ultra-high definition smart camera chip launched by Kuxin microelectronics. Its main functions are:

  • [email protected] Resolution ISP image processor, up to 8 video inputs
  • [email protected] Video codec
  • 4TOPS deep learning processor (NPU)
  • 1GHz high performance vision DSP processor
  • 4-core 64 bit CPU @ 1GHz
  • 32-bit DDR3 / DDR4 / lpddr3 interface, with a maximum bandwidth of 12.8gb/s
  • Typical power consumption: < 2W (4K AI = “” IPC), = “” > 2W (4K) > < 1W (2k AI = “” > 1W (2k) >

Kuxin microelectronics is committed to helping customers solve the pain points of the industry. After listening to the needs of many head customers in the industry, it invested more than 100 engineers and launched ar9341, a high-performance and low-power AI chip, after more than a year of research and development. Ar9341 has the following characteristics:

1) ISP has good picture quality.

Ar9341 integrates the second generation hifi ISP developed by Kuxin, with excellent noise reduction and wide dynamic performance; In addition to visible ISP, it also integrates the function of infrared thermal imaging ISP, which has a very wide range of adaptability; In addition, ISP can also interact with AI algorithm and adjust it adaptively to further improve the operation accuracy of AI algorithm.

2) AI has sufficient computing power.

Ar9341 integrates Kuxin’s self-developed deep learning processor (NPU) with the peak computing power of 4TOPS. Through the optimization of architecture, the NPU has high execution efficiency, and the actual computing power can be equivalent to 8-10tops of competitive products. In addition, the NPU also adopts many technologies to optimize DDR bandwidth, which can reduce DDR bandwidth by more than 60%, and significantly reduce system power consumption and cost.

3) It adopts the heterogeneous operation of CPU + DSP + NPU, takes into account the operation of machine vision and deep learning, and has strong adaptability.

In addition to the strong performance of chip hardware, Kuxin also provides one-stop solutions such as software SDK, AI tool chain and algorithm. The AI tool chain provides a simple and easy-to-use visual graphical interface and supports a variety of frameworks such as Python / tensorflow / cafe, allowing users to complete the deployment of algorithms to chips in a very short time.

Shen Bo, co-founder and CTO of Kuxin, said that the current market demand for medium and high-end smart camera chips is very urgent. The launch of ar9341 can be said to be at the right time. The application fields of the chip include high-end intelligent IPC, vehicle assisted driving, edge computing box, intelligent robot, etc.

The engineering sample of ar9341 is expected to be provided in September this year, and the mass production time is December this year.


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