On semi’s ncs36510 is a low intelligent fully integrated system level chip company (SOC), which integrates the 2.4arm ieee80ghz intelligent receiver-m3 MCU, ram and intelligent, true random digital symbols and external settings to support the design of complete and secure wireless networks with minimal sound. Ncs36150 provides power management technology. The operating voltage can be as low as 1V to minimize current consumption. Therefore, it absorbs the maximum battery life and the minimum cost. The device integrates the industry’s advanced 32-bit arm cortex − m3 MCU core and AES 128 / 256 intelligent engine, with low power consumption and storage technology. The device also integrates 640kb storage and 48KB ram for program storage. Outside the storage device, it includes DMA, UART2), SPI2), I2C (2), RTC, three programmable events, WDT, 18 gpios, and 10 bit ADC with four external inputs and integrated and voltage sensors. The output power of the receiver is up to + 8dbm and the receiver can be – 99dbm. It is mainly used in the Internet of things, computer and industrial automation, as well as ZigBee / 6LoWPAN / WirelessHART / thread. This paper introduces the main features, various and system applications of ncs36510, as well as the main features, circuits, circuit diagrams and bill of materials of the evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x – gevk.

Ncs36510 is a low-power, fully integrated system on chip, which integrates 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compatible transceiver, armcortex-m3 microprocessor, ram and flash memory, true random number generator and multiple peripherals to support a complete and secure design of wireless network with minimal external components.

The ncs36510 provides advanced power management technology that allows operation at supply voltages as low as 1 V while minimizing current consumption. Ncs36510 is designed for applications that require the longest battery life, while

Minimize costs.

Ncs36510 integrates the industry-leading 32-bit arm Cortex-M3 to achieve high performance, low power consumption and low-cost processing. Ncs36510 includes 640 KB embedded flash memory for program storage and 48 KB ram for data storage.

Ncs36510 uses hardware accelerated Mac to minimize processor overhead and maximize the available processor capacity to run application software.

Peripherals include DMA, UART (2), SPI (2), I2C (2), PWM, RTC, three programmable timers, WDT, 18 GPIO, 10 bit ADC with four external inputs and integrated temperature and voltage sensors.

Main features of ncs36510:

• low voltage operation as low as 1.0 V

• 0.65 _ A coma mode sleep current

• 6.6 MW receiving power consumption

• − 99 DBM receiver sensitivity

• 6.9 MW transmit power consumption

• programmable output power to_ 8 dBm

• 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver

• arm cortex – m3 processor

• AES 128 / 256 encryption engine

• true random number generator

• 640 KB embedded flash memory

• 48 KB internal RAM memory

Ncs36510 application:

• Internet of things

• building and industrial automation

• ZigBee/6LoWPAN/WirelessHART/Thread_

Figure 1. Ncs36510 lamp

Figure 2. Ncs36510 3V system application

Figure 3. Ncs365101v system application

Evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk

Enable strata’s ZigBee green power energy collection kit

Str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk is a strata enabled suite that demonstrates the use of ncs36510 in battery free ZigBee green power applications. The kit includes a USB device, namely ZigBee Coordinator (ZC) and interface with strata, as well as two energy collection nodes, which are used as ZigBee green power supply device (zgpd). By pressing the switch on each device, energy is generated and used to power the ncs36510 module. At startup, the module sends a ZigBee green power frame to control the smart home scene rendered in the strata PC application. A switch is used as a battery free light switch to control the lighting in the scene when pressed. The other switch represents the door sensor, which will open and close the door in the scene when pressed.

The kit consists of three boards: a USB dongle and two energy collection switches. USB dongle (ncs36510-zb-usb-gevb) is programmed using the firmware of DSR zboss ZigBee 3.0 library and configured as ZigBee Coordinator (ZC). The device is also connected to the strata PC application through the JSON API, which can be accessed through the ftdi usb-uart adapter. The energy collection switch (ncs36510-zb-eh-switch-gevb) is programmed using firmware to be used as ZigBee green power supply device (zgpd). It uses ZF afig-0007 generator to supply power to ncs36510 module through rectifier and voltage regulator. Each time the switch is pressed, zgpd will send the ZigBee green power “toggle” command to ZC. The block diagram is shown in Figure 5 below.

Equipment characteristics

·The 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 module is pre certified by FCC and ZigBee Pro R21

·Firmware based on DSR zboss ZigBee 3.0 & ZigBee green power stacks

·32-bit arm Cortex-M3 processor

·Ultra low transmission power consumption (as low as 6.9 MW)

·Ultra low receiving power consumption (as low as 6.6 MW)

·Multiple sleep modes (including 0.65 μ A coma mode sleep current, 0.18 μ A mode (leakage current)

·Embedded memory configuration (640kb flash and 48KB RAM)

·-Excellent receiver sensitivity of 99 dBm

·Programmable output power up to ~ 8 dBm


·IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee / 6LoWPAN / thread wireless applications

·Smart home – security, automation and lighting

·Building and industrial automation

Figure 5. Evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk lamp tube

Figure 6. Circuit diagram of evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk (1)

Figure 7. Circuit diagram of evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk (2)

Figure 8. Circuit diagram of evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk (3)

Figure 9. Circuit diagram of evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk (4)

Figure 10. Circuit diagram of evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk (5)

Figure 11. Circuit diagram of evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk (6)

Evaluation board str-ncs36510-zb-eh-x-gevk material list:

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