Enter the system as a launcher, connect more functional components with the system, and trigger or wake up other system components in the sleep state. Continental's biometric entry system can trigger smart glass, cameras and fingerprint sensors, opening up entirely new possibilities in the field of vehicle personalization and authentication. The system is independent of the currently used access technology.

The relevant person in charge of Continental Group once said, "The integration of biometric technology has brought our professional strength in the field of system integration into full play, and we can integrate access control solutions with other in-vehicle intelligent systems to ensure greater benefits for all passengers. In addition, the multiple functions of the entry system are like a doorman, allowing us to control each component whenever needed, which means that each component does not need to be constantly running, thus saving energy and increasing effective purpose.”

Advantages and Features

● Perfect for the "smartphone for everything" spirit

● When the driver enters the near automatic unlocking area, the smart glass is adjusted to be transparent

● Provides different levels of security through fingerprint authentication

● Initiate vehicle personalization through facial recognition on the camera

Technical data

● The system uses Bluetooth low energy technology

● Entering the system can trigger various components such as smart glass, cameras and sensors

● Personalization with facial recognition

● Verification of driver through fingerprint sensor

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