Manufacturer testing connectors

First, we understand the basic good appearance criteria for the following connectors. The connector consists of a terminal housing and a pin holder. We divide it into pre-assembly inspection and post-assembly inspection:

Inspection before assembly: lack of material, burr, shrinkage, deformation, color difference, dirt, hole plugging, indentation, baffle uneven/deformed, stuck point upturned, sagging/skewed or damaged, wrong PIN recognition/no PIN logo

Check after assembly: Whether there is a gap between the copper shell/iron shell and the plastic shell, the iron shell/copper shell is deformed, the buckle is not pressed in place/biased, the plastic shell is crushed, the left and right hooks are not installed in place (the two ends of the hook are exposed Inconsistent size), press the hook several times by hand to confirm whether the left and right hooks are normal and elastic

The above are all the factors that connector manufacturers need to eliminate defective products when testing products and remove the defective products inside. These are the inspection steps in the manufacturer’s quality inspection.

2. Personal detection connector

Others look good on the outside, but are broken inside. Experienced people can directly judge the quality of the connector by touching, smelling and looking.

1/ Touch, I feel that the production of the connector is very meticulous. If the surface has obvious roughness, the life is not guaranteed, and there is a big gap between safety and high-quality products.

2/ Smell, some manufacturers will add fragrance to cover up the taste of inferior materials, so if you come across a scented product, you need to take a closer look.

3/ Look, if you see that the metal surfaces of the connectors and sockets are heavily oxidized and basically close to gray, these are quality issues and will affect the quality of soldering. In general, unused connectors will not be oxidized or damaged in appearance.

Connectors are an integral part of electronic equipment, and one or more connectors are always found along the path of current flow. The form and structure of the connector are ever-changing, the form of the connector is various, and the application object, frequency, power, and application environment are also different. It plays an important role in the construction of electronic engineering and ensures the smooth flow of the circuit, so it has been widely used.

Reviewing Editor: Liu Qing

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