No matter in the process of industry, or life and production, the role of sensors is very important, playing the role of information collection and processing. Why MEMS sensors? This is closely related to the development of chip, material and manufacturing technology. MEMS sensor is a kind of sensor integrating electromechanical and control technology. Compared with traditional sensors, it has smaller volume, lighter weight, lower cost and lower power consumption. MEMS sensor has flexible volume, which can be either conventional sensor, chip level sensor or intelligent sensor This is one of its core strengths.

With the development of Internet of things industry, sensors also usher in new development opportunities. In recent years, China’s sensor market has maintained a double-digit growth almost every year. The scale of China’s sensor market is close to 150 billion yuan. The types of sensors are diversified, and the market scale of MEMS sensors accounts for more than half of the total. MEMS sensors and intelligent sensors are undoubtedly the mainstream in the next few years.

In recent years, with the progress of artificial intelligence technology, AI technology is integrated into the sensor, there is intelligent sensor. Intelligent sensor is a sensor with information processing function. In addition to collecting information, it can also process intelligently, and select the most valuable information to be transmitted to the information terminal. Intelligent sensor can reduce the cost of products, improve the accuracy, and has stronger adaptability than ordinary sensor.

Smart sensor is the mainstream form of sensor industry in the next decade or even 20 years. The state attaches great importance to it. In 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the relevant planning of smart sensor, which mentioned that China’s industrial scale will reach 30 billion by 2020. As the basis of Internet of things, sensor will play a very key role in promoting the process of China’s intelligence in the future. More than that, in the situation of weak underlying technology, China also needs to revitalize technology to prevent the occurrence of sensor jamming. The strategies of “made in China 2025” and “information power” have gone deep into the hearts of the people, and the future is still the main theme. Sensor technology is also an important part of China’s realization of technology power. China is the largest application market of the Internet of things in the world, and the sensor industry will benefit. In the future, giant sensor enterprises may be born.

MEMS sensors and intelligent sensors are two different types of sensors, but they have the characteristics of low cost, stable performance and small size. According to the application scenarios, MEMS sensors and intelligent sensors have their own advantages. With the development of industrial integration and aiot, MEMS intelligent sensors may be the mainstream in the future.

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