With the release of the iPhone 12, all of Apple’s mobile phones and watches on sale have canceled the standard charging head. If users don’t have it at home, they have to buy it separately. However, the iPad is an exception.

Confirmed by users, the new iPad Pro has begun to come with a 20 Watt ubs-c charger instead of the previous 18 watt charger. The retail price of this charger on Apple’s official website is 149 yuan.

Confirmed! Apple iPad Pro will come with 20W usb-c charger

If you’re an iPhone 12 user, this charger can achieve the maximum line charging power, and it can also be used on MagSafe to ensure the maximum wireless charging power of 15 watts.

Of course, whether it’s Apple’s official website in North America or China, the iPad Pro page still shows that the standard configuration is 18 watt charger. It seems that before the inventory of the old charger is fully digested, whether it can be bought depends on luck.

At present, Apple has stopped production and sales of 18 watt usb-c charging head.

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