This case is a configuration case where the Modbus-to-Profinet gateway is connected to the Holip frequency converter. The equipment used is: a Siemens 1500PLC, a WL-ABC3010 WL-ABC3010 WL-ABC3010, a Modbus-to-Profinet gateway, and a Holip frequency converter.

1. Modbus to Profinet gateway configuration method:

1. Create a new project;

2. Install the GSD file;

3. Configure the corresponding equipment;

4. The PLC and the Modbus-to-Profinet gateway are in an unassigned (unconnected) state;

5. Click Unconnected to connect to IO controller PLC_1 PROFINET port_1;

6. After the PLC is connected to the Modbus to Profinet gateway, the IP address and PROFINET name of the Modbus to Profinet gateway need to be modified;

Note: Do not check the PROFINET device name item to be automatically generated, and must re-customize a name input.

7. Double-click the Modbus to Profinet gateway module, add Input (input) and Output (output) through the right module, and finally download to the device;

8. Download configuration to PLC;

2. GATEWAY CONFIGURATION STUDIO configuration software operation


2. Open the Modbus-to-Profinet gateway configuration software for modbus parameter configuration, click New in the red circle, and select PN2MRM3;

3. Set the IP address and device name of the Modbus-to-Profinet gateway, which must be consistent with the PLC configuration;

4. Modify MODBUS parameters (baud rate, parity and other parameters);

5. Response waiting and polling delay need to adjust the time interval according to the slave device. If the response speed of the slave station is slow, the response waiting time should be increased. If the slave station needs to wait for a period of time before receiving the next command after replying, then the Increase the polling delay;

6. Right click on ModbusRTU and select Insert, click Node in the lower menu to fill in the slave station number;

7. Continue to right-click to insert, and modify the slave station address according to the slave device;

8. Select the required functions according to different needs;

9. Modify MODBUS parameters (baud rate, parity and other parameters);

10. Open the Holip inverter manual and set the 485 parameters of the inverter.

11. In this example, set the 485 parameter baud rate of the slave station to 9600, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit without parity. The gateway configuration is consistent with the slave station, and the output command polling mode can be selected as continuous output, slot variable output, pulse output, etc. according to needs.

Example: write 30.00 to CD000 and 110.0 to CD001.

12. According to the message displayed in the manual as 01 10 00 00 00 02 04 0B B8 04 4C CRC, it can be known that the station address is 1, the function code is 10H (decimal 16), the starting address is 0, and the number of registers is 2;

13. After downloading the configuration, the gateway OK light is always on, and TXD and RXD flash alternately;

The gateway memory mapping address is 1500, which corresponds to Q address 64, so just write a value to QD64.

Reviewing editor: Tang Zihong

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