The computer room monitoring system is mainly developed for centralized monitoring and management of all equipment and environment in the computer room. Its monitoring objects are mainly power and environment equipment in the computer room (such as power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, water leakage, access control, security, fire protection, lightning protection, etc.). The computer room monitoring system is based on the network generic cabling system and adopts distributed monitoring. The monitoring host is placed in the computer room monitoring room and the monitoring software is run to centrally monitor each subsystem with a unified interface. The computer room monitoring system monitors the operation status and working parameters of each system equipment in real time, finds component faults or parameter abnormalities, immediately adopts multimedia animation, voice, telephone, short message and other alarm methods, records historical data and alarm events, and provides intelligent expert diagnosis suggestions, remote monitoring and management functions, web browsing, etc.

Computer room monitoring classification

1. Economical and simple computer room monitoring integrated machine

The simple computer room monitoring all-in-one machine is specially designed for small computer room environmental monitoring (or industrial plant, production workshop and other occasions) alarm application. The product adopts pure hardware architecture design, selects reliable telephone notification alarm mode, forms a set of independent system, does not affect any existing system of the customer, and automatically controls the mains power supply and Real time monitoring of temperature, humidity, water immersion, smoke, machine room equipment (with dry contact output, infrared control of ordinary air conditioner and mains power failure) and telephone alarm are realized to realize the safety of small and medium-sized machine rooms, unattended and affordable.

2. Embedded computer room monitoring

Embedded machine room monitoring is applicable to the application of small and medium-sized machine rooms, communication base stations, UPS machine rooms and power environment monitoring. All kinds of power equipment (communication power supply, battery, ups and low-voltage distribution) air conditioning equipment and its environment (access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, flooding and infrared) are monitored and managed in real time to ensure the stable operation of the system. The standard 19 inch 1U rack type appearance design is adopted, which is suitable for the installation of various machine rooms or base stations.

Application scope of computer room monitoring

Various small and medium-sized business computer rooms (data computer rooms) are widely distributed in government, finance, transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, education and other industries. As various types of business data are directly supported by these computer rooms, power failure, system failure and improper human operation of the computer room may cause various business interruption or data loss, and then affect the stagnation and operation of enterprise business. How to maintain these computer rooms, find hidden dangers and eliminate faults in time, reduce management costs and improve operation and maintenance efficiency? The pioneer computer room monitoring system provides professional solutions for the management and maintenance of enterprise computer rooms. By adopting TCP / IP mode and at a lower cost, it realizes unified monitoring and management of UPS, distribution cabinet, temperature and humidity, air conditioning, water leakage, fire control, access control and video in the computer room, and realizes functions such as audible and visual alarm, SMS alarm and telephone alarm. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, practical function, low price, independent operation without adding a computer, simple structure and stable system

1. Ensure the business continuity of the computer room

The business continuity of the machine room depends on reliable power guarantee. The power equipment of the machine room mainly refers to the mains power distribution, generator, UPS, battery, etc. the integrated dynamic ring monitoring system assists the administrator in daily maintenance by means of early warning of generator oil level and monitoring of battery status. Once the mains power is cut off, it can play its standby guarantee function smoothly, Effectively prevent the occurrence of power failure in the computer room and ensure the continuity of business in the computer room

2. Safe and reliable, unattended

As the core business support platform of the enterprise, the security of the computer room is very important. By monitoring the access control of the computer room, the pioneer computer room monitoring system can correctly identify the illegal door opening, link the on-site audible and visual alarm, SMS or telephone notification, and combine video monitoring to ensure the anti-theft safety requirements of the computer room to the greatest extent. Through the real-time detection of temperature, humidity, smoke and water leakage in the computer room, the environmental safety management requirements of the computer room are realized

3. Timely early warning and fault location

Through in-depth excavation and summary of the characteristics of power equipment and environment in the computer room, the pioneer computer room monitoring system provides professional early warning scheme and fault monitoring for your computer room to prevent accidents and minimize losses.

4. Reduce maintenance cost and improve maintenance efficiency

The pioneer computer room monitoring system helps the maintenance work change from manual regular inspection to active reminder mode, so as to realize unattended, greatly reduce the maintenance workload, reduce the time for diagnosing equipment faults and reduce the technical threshold of maintenance personnel, and improve the maintenance efficiency.

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