Lithium battery portable UPS power supply advocates a new trend of outdoor energy storage. As an emerging industry, energy storage has attracted more and more attention and support from the government energy department and science and technology department. The biggest feature of portable UPS energy storage power supply is to get rid of the limitation of “wire” and supply power to various electrical appliances for a long time, AC and DC, which is lightweight and portable.

At present, power outages, power outages, short circuits and other phenomena caused by power system instability, natural disasters, disease outbreaks and other factors occur from time to time, which seriously affect the normal operation of medical equipment and professional equipment, damage personal and national interests, and strengthen the construction of emergency power supply has become a rigid demand. With the rapid development of energy production and consumption structure to green new energy characterized by low-carbon, clean and efficient, safer, cleaner and more efficient outdoor portable UPS mobile power supply is becoming more and more popular in the market in emergency power solutions.

Take the outbreak this year as an example. During the epidemic period, the number of patients received by Wuhan front-line shelter hospital surged and the strength of admission continued to expand. All kinds of medical equipment such as ventilator, it equipment and electric blanket need mobile power supply. Patients and medical staff are eager for mobile power support to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital.

Lithium battery portable UPS power supply — advocating the new trend of outdoor energy storage

How can we solve the power demand of daily life and work? Is there a cost-effective power supply for us? Recently, I started an outdoor portable UPS energy storage power supply for energy storage. The portable power supply is equipped with a stable and safe lithium iron phosphate battery, which can output AC or DC power. It can meet the power demand of most equipment. It is equivalent to a “small storage power station” outdoors, which can help me obtain electric energy anytime and anywhere, and I am not afraid of power failure when traveling outdoors.

It is a good helper for outdoor travel. It can charge electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops, car refrigerators and projectors. In addition, lithium battery portable UPS energy storage power supply has a wide range of fields. It can be used not only in home, office, photography and travel, but also in fire protection, medical treatment, rescue, communication, exploration, construction, camping, mountaineering and other fields.

The portable UPS energy storage power supply consists of a group of AC + DC charging + AC and DC inverters. When the public power supply is normally powered, the battery in the portable outdoor energy storage is in the charged state. Once the main power supply is interrupted, the battery will immediately output the stored DC power supply to the inverter and convert it into AC power supply to wait for startup and charge the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the time for the battery to maintain power supply will be determined according to the power of electrical equipment.

Lithium battery portable UPS energy storage power supply adopts high-grade fireproof material standard, and emergency measures such as temperature protection, over discharge protection, over-current protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and over-voltage protection are designed internally. Intelligent protection will be safer to use.

Characteristics of lithium battery portable UPS outdoor power supply

(1) Pure sine wave: due to pure sine wave and high efficiency, it has intelligent CPU control mode, key switch output and stable technology. It is suitable for various loads and can connect multiple electrical equipment without interference.

(2) Three ways of charging: both municipal power, solar energy and vehicle charging. A variety of charging methods keep you away from charging troubles.

(3) Multiple outputs: support AC 100V / 110V / 220V / 230V / 240V output, and can be compatible with various electronic devices.

(4) Intuitive digital display, input and output status at a glance. Independent switch controls DC output port, USB output port and AC output port, which is convenient for power failure and safer.

(4) Small size and portability: it has a handle, which is easy to carry in various complex terrain. At the same time, if there is no man around, women and the elderly can move.

(5) It has a wide range of uses. It can not only be used as outdoor and disaster emergency standby power supply, but also meet the needs of lighting and AC power supply in indoor medical equipment, small printers, various lamps, small fish tank heaters, notebooks and outdoor camping, photography, fire emergency, rescue and disaster relief and other occasions.

(6) BMS battery manages balanced charging and average charging of each group to prevent overheating, insufficient charging and incomplete discharge caused by unbalanced charging of three series of cells, so as to improve the service life of the battery and prevent safety accidents.

In general, the overall performance of outdoor lithium battery portable UPS power supply is more stable and reliable, and has the characteristics of simple operation, low noise and good maintenance. It is gradually becoming the mainstream solution for outdoor energy storage and power consumption. As a leading brand of outdoor energy storage power supply, energy storage electric hopes to provide users with richer outdoor life experience through different types of outdoor power supply. It also hopes that through this activity, more users can go out and enjoy outdoor travel without power worries.

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