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Many business scenarios of Energy Petroleum and petrochemical industry involve the construction of security system, such as the exploration and production of oil and gas, the transportation and refining of oil and gas, the storage and sales of refined oil, etc. This paper focuses on the analysis and discussion of the security system construction of gas stations.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s national economy, the continuous improvement of transportation infrastructure and the rapid increase of vehicle ownership, gas stations have become an indispensable part of people’s life. The development of gas stations has played a great role in promoting the development of market economy, improving transportation and saving energy. However, the development of gas stations out of control also brings disadvantages. As the gas and light diesel stored in gas stations have great fire risk, once there is a fire and explosion, not only the gas stations will be affected, but also the surrounding buildings will be greatly threatened With the increasing number of gas station employees and limited quality, the fire safety problem is becoming more and more serious, which has become a new hidden danger of urban development. In addition, with the change of external market conditions, gas stations have exposed many problems in terms of oil source, service, management, safety, quantity and quality. Incidents such as shoddy, short weight, mixed low-grade oil or substandard oil, and unknown oil source have occurred from time to time, which have been exposed by the news media and criticized by consumers for many times, resulting in bad social impact.

The gas station should pay attention to three aspects of safety in the production process: first, the production and operation status of the working equipment itself; second, the compliance operation in the action of oil unloading and gas filling; third, the perimeter prevention alarm system to prevent the invasion of non relevant personnel for theft and sabotage activities.

In order to ensure the normal operation and safe production of the gas station, it is necessary to establish a fusion security system, which can realize the functions of real-time collection and data analysis of field data and equipment information, remote command and control of equipment, improve the emergency response capacity and comprehensively protect the safety of production, employees and surrounding areas, so as to provide reference for the normal operation of the whole gas station Provide accurate and timely first-hand information for the operation and command and dispatch.

Objective of security system construction in gas station

The purpose of gas station security system construction is to realize real-time monitoring of vehicles in and out of the gas station, charging, equipment operation, gas station work, sales in the station room and financial room, and realize real-time emergency alarm, voice intercom and broadcasting.

The security system is a comprehensive dynamic security video monitoring system, which integrates daily production management, safety prevention, accident prevention and emergency rescue command. It can improve the ability of hazard monitoring and early warning, accident hidden danger investigation and management, eliminate the accident hidden danger in the bud, so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents; at the same time, it can provide timely and accurate rescue information for accident rescue, greatly improve the ability of accident rescue, and reduce the accident loss to the greatest extent.

The video and image information collection equipment for safety production is installed in the gas filling station to conduct real-time monitoring of the gas filling area, charging area, entrance and exit, oil tank area at oil unloading port, station building and other relevant areas, and upload the video and image information to the municipal monitoring center, and then transmit it to the provincial monitoring center through the municipal monitoring center. If it is the first level management mode, it will be uploaded directly to the first level management monitoring center.

The background of the system is to build a security video monitoring system platform in branch companies and provincial companies, to monitor the video monitoring image and alarm information in real time, to provide sound and light alarm function for alarm information, and to realize voice intercom and broadcast function.

Demand analysis of security system in gas station

The security system is built in many gas stations in the province, and the video image, voice and alarm information of relevant gas stations are transmitted to the municipal monitoring center of each jurisdiction through the network or special line, and then uploaded to the provincial monitoring center by the municipal monitoring center. If it is a first-class management mode, the information of the gas station is directly uploaded to the provincial / municipal monitoring center.

The video data of the gas station is uploaded to the municipal monitoring center and provincial monitoring center through the communication link of the project. The monitoring center can also query the video saved by the gas station, control the camera, and realize the two-way voice intercom and broadcasting functions at all levels.

It can realize the function of image access and integration for gas stations, local monitoring centers and key areas. The provincial and municipal monitoring centers deploy video integrated management platform according to the actual needs to manage all the video data.

It can realize the application alarm function. When an emergency occurs in the gas station, the staff can press the alarm button to upload the alarm information to the emergency monitoring center. The video image can be linked in real time in the monitoring center, and the SMS, e-mail alarm and on-site sound light alarm can be carried out.

To achieve multi-level user management to meet the needs of provincial and municipal multi-level monitoring center.

Realize video sharing, share video information with head office.

The system can real-time access and field mobile command vehicle real-time video information and single soldier combat system equipment real-time video access function.

The system can provide real-time video monitoring function.

Examples of security system design for gas station

At present, the security system of gas station mainly consists of three systems: video monitoring system, alarm system and voice system.

The detailed system construction is as follows:

1. System structure description

The overall architecture topology of the system is as follows:

Composition, function and implementation design of security system in gas station

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of overall system architecture

The system is mainly divided into three levels: gas station video monitoring system level, prefecture level city monitoring center level and provincial monitoring center level.

The video monitoring layer of gas station is mainly composed of four parts: video monitoring of gas station, alarm system, voice intercom and on-board video access of tank car.

The monitoring center layer of prefecture level city mainly completes the access of video monitoring system of all gas stations within its jurisdiction.

The provincial monitoring center layer mainly completes the access of the video monitoring system of all prefecture level city monitoring centers within its jurisdiction and the access of the video monitoring system of all gas stations in the prefecture level city where the provincial monitoring center is located.

2. System composition

Gas station access platform equipment

The on-site monitoring system is responsible for collecting, caching, encoding, storing and sending the front-end audio and video information and alarm information, and can accept the control instructions from the network.

It is recommended to adopt full digital mode for the construction of on-site security system, mainly including the following equipment: high definition network camera, NVR network hard disk video recorder, alarm input and output equipment, voice intercom equipment, etc.

The structural diagram of the security system of the gas station is as follows:

Figure 2 structure diagram of security system of gas station

The layout of video monitoring points in gas stations is as follows:

1) Configuration of inlet and outlet of gas station

A high-resolution strong light suppression camera shall be equipped at the inlet and outlet of the gas station to monitor the overall situation of the inlet and outlet of the gas station in a wide angle, including the vehicle model, the route of the vehicle entering and leaving, and the action of pedestrians entering and leaving. The recognition function of vehicle license plate shall be realized.

Specific quantity: one camera is set at each inlet and outlet. If the inlet and outlet of the gas station are more than two, it can be increased according to the actual situation.

2) Configuration of refueling operation area

The refueling operation area should be equipped with a certain number of 720p low illumination cameras according to the number of lanes, which should be able to fully monitor the refueling operation station and the specific operation of refueling personnel.

This configuration is also suitable for self-service refueling area.

Specific configuration quantity of gas station operation area:

If there are 1-2 gas islands in the same lane, it is better to set one-way gun cameras, just as there are 3 or more gas islands in the same lane, it is better to set two-way gun cameras. In case of compulsory regulations by relevant departments of local government, especially large scale of gas stations or special plane layout due to terrain conditions, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

3) Configuration of oil tank farm at oil unloading port

An infrared intelligent ball machine should be installed on the independent vertical pole, which can fully monitor the unloading port and the whole oil storage tank area, and can see the unloading operation process clearly.

4) Configuration of stationmaster’s financial office

A high-resolution hemispherical camera should be installed at the top of the included angle of the interior wall of the station master’s financial office, which is diagonal to the office entrance. It should be able to fully monitor the opening of the office area, the safe and the staff, and the entry and exit of the office staff.

Manual alarm button shall be installed at appropriate position in the room to realize alarm linkage.

5) Configuration of cashier service area in convenience store

A high-resolution hemispherical camera should be installed at the top of the angle between the inner wall of the convenience store and the cashier service area, which can fully monitor the cashier service area, and clearly see the customer’s appearance, clothing characteristics, cash transactions between the cashier and the customer, the details of commodity trading, the situation of the cashier putting money into the slot, and the commodities in the cashier service area.

The manual alarm button should be installed near the cashier and the alarm linkage should be realized.

6) Configuration of sales area of convenience store

A high-resolution hemispherical camera should be installed on the top of the corner of the interior wall of the convenience store, which should be able to comprehensively monitor the goods, sales situation, customers’ choice of goods, and the entry and exit and flow of personnel in the convenience store.

7) Configuration of unloading column and compressor

An infrared intelligent ball machine should be installed on the independent vertical pole, which can fully monitor the unloading column and the whole compression area, and can clearly see the specific unloading operation of the unloader.

Configuration quantity: 1 infrared ball machine.

8) Configuration of independent card issuing outlets

A high-resolution hemispherical camera should be installed in the independent card issuing network or the independent card issuing area of the station building, which should be able to fully monitor the relevant operation process and service attitude of the charging card issuing staff, and the activities of customers in the recharge area.

Configuration quantity: no less than one, according to the number of counters, the number of points can be increased as appropriate.

9) A suitable number of hemispherical cameras should be selected according to the specific area of the hall, and one should be equipped.

transmission equipment

The transmission equipment of gas station security system is composed of optical fiber transceiver, network switch, router and other equipment. Optical fiber transceiver is mainly used for photoelectric signal conversion of network camera. The 100m access switch with gigabit optical fiber uplink interface is set according to the actual situation to upload video data, alarm data and voice data to the monitoring center.

Equipment of emergency monitoring and Management Center

Emergency monitoring and management center is the core part of the whole security system, with the highest jurisdiction and management authority. The emergency monitoring and management center system is mainly composed of central management server, web server, database server, active registration server, forwarding server, LCD splicing display wall, network equipment and monitoring terminal.

3. System functions

The construction of emergency monitoring and management center is to build a regional integrated video management platform covering the whole province, which can realize the video and related data sharing function of “vertically to gas stations, horizontally to municipal and provincial parallel units”.

The emergency monitoring and management center realizes the functions of key site monitoring, key site video recording, video retrieval and playback, alarm auxiliary disposal, video service interface provision, video background management and video database management, as well as unified emergency dispatching command function.

Video monitoring: the provincial monitoring center can view any channel or multiple channels of video within its jurisdiction at any time according to the needs, and realize the functions of video recording, playback, capture and so on.

Alarm processing: for the alarm information sent by the alarm button of the gas station, the monitoring center immediately prompts through sound light alarm, voice alarm and other ways, and automatically records the alarm to open the monitoring information of the gas station.

Voice intercom and Broadcasting: the staff of the gas station can call the monitoring center actively for voice intercom; the leaders of the monitoring center can also distribute and convey the work tasks in the form of broadcasting.

Remote control: the provincial monitoring center can remotely control the station end video processing unit to realize manual video recording, timing video recording, alarm trigger video recording and screen change detection.

System resource management and monitoring: manage the basic information and configuration parameters such as equipment, system function, system data in the system.

System operation monitoring: remote monitoring and control of video equipment, server, system software, application software and user operation.

4. System advantages

Comprehensive application management:

The system provides a comprehensive safety production emergency command application platform such as access, storage, distribution and business processing of video, alarm and voice data for gas stations, and provides one-stop application solutions.

Excellent environmental adaptability:

The industrial front-end equipment of explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof and waterproof is adopted to meet the harsh application environment of explosion, high temperature and corrosion in gas stations;

Full HD digital application:

Fully realize the application of high-definition image, from the front-end acquisition, coding transmission, video storage, decoding playback, all aspects of high-definition processing; adopt the full digital architecture scheme, easy to deploy, easy to manage, easy to maintain;

High system security:

The system provides user access authentication, front-end device access authentication, complete hierarchical authority management; signaling adopts TCP transmission, subsystem communication SSL encryption; access authentication adopts three times handshake login verification method, to prevent malicious replay attacks; video recording introduces digital signature processing, to prevent data tampering; the system provides the user access authentication, front-end device access authentication, and complete hierarchical authority management;

High data security:

The storage device supports raid0, 1, 5 and other security redundancy formats, with large data storage capacity and long storage time. If the hard disk breaks down, the hot spare disk can be directly enabled, so the video data will not be lost. The data security is high, and the 7 * 24 uninterrupted work can be realized;

5. Application of new technology in gas station

In the early stage, the security system of gas stations was mainly based on single video monitoring system, and mainly on SD Simulation System. With the continuous development of technology, the security industry has launched a number of new technologies and related new products, which are gradually adopted by energy users such as PetroChina and Sinopec, and gradually applied to the construction of security system of gas stations. Several new technologies with application prospects are introduced below.

Video intelligent technology, automatic intelligent analysis of video, real-time extraction and recording of user interested events in the video, so as to achieve timely alarm or efficient analysis after the event, improve the security efficiency. In some key sensitive areas of the gas station, such as the gas unloading area of the oil unloading port, intelligent technology and products can be used, and relevant linkage rules can be set. When triggered, it can be linked with video and related alarm equipment to realize intelligent video alarm processing and reduce a lot of human and material resources.

Video quality diagnosis technology and system, an intelligent video fault analysis and early warning system, can accurately analyze, judge and alarm the common camera faults, video signal interference and video quality degradation, such as snowflake, rolling screen, blur, color deviation, picture freezing, gain imbalance, PTZ out of control, video signal loss, etc. The system automatically detects the camera according to the diagnosis plan, and records all the detection results. Users can monitor the operation of the system through the client, receive alarms, process alarms, query historical information, and carry out a variety of statistical analysis according to different attributes such as the area of the camera, brand, fault type, fault severity and so on.

Video condensed summarization technology, through the segmentation of the foreground and background of the target, extracts the activity information of the target from the original video, reorders the activity of the video target, and realizes the video summarization and retrieval. It can shorten the video viewing time by video concentration and summarization technology, and effectively cooperate with manual video verification.

6. Conclusion

The security system of gas station gradually shows four characteristics: high definition, network, intelligence and multi system integration. A complete gas station security system project, in addition to the video monitoring system, also includes many subsystems, such as: perimeter intrusion alarm system, access control management subsystem, voice intercom subsystem, environmental monitoring subsystem, etc.

With the continuous development of equipment technology and the continuous improvement of system informatization, multiple subsystems will gradually integrate with each other and work together to achieve data sharing, providing an advanced, stable and reliable security system to ensure the normal operation and safe production of gas stations.

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