(1) At present, the computer security methods commonly used in the market

(1) Anti theft chassis: the anti-theft chassis is generally equipped with a special lock, and the locking position of the mechanical lock is reserved. The chassis can be opened only after unlocking. The frame steel plate anti-destructive design, high-grade anti-theft chassis may also be equipped with abnormal opening sound prompt device.

But for most thieves, the difficulty and time of prying a mechanical lock and removing a few screws are almost the same. The result is to guard against the gentleman, not against the villain.

(2) Computer anti-theft alarm: the price of computer anti-theft alarm is not high. The working principle is that two main parts are electronically controlled. If the main parts are separated, the alarm will be triggered to give an alarm. The characteristic of this method is that it only needs to stick the alarm on the inside of the case. However, this kind of computer alarm is controlled by magnet induction, which is easy to be interfered by magnet. A serious thief only needs to attach a strong magnet to the iron shell of the chassis, and the alarm will be invalid; the alarm sound will not be very high, and may not be heard in the hotel room.

(2) Brief introduction of jingdun computer anti theft alarm measures

Jingdun computer anti-theft system is an anti-theft alarm system aiming at the serious theft of computer accessories in public places. The system adopts the mode of “wireless alarm + computer monitoring”. Once a computer is stolen, the monitoring computer can know which computer will alarm in real time. The system is reliable, convenient and practical.

Jingdun computer anti-theft system consists of wireless alarm, alarm host and monitoring computer. When the thief pries open the computer cabinet, chassis, or take away the LCD, camera and other equipment, the wireless alarm will send a wireless alarm signal to the alarm host, which will send the number of the alarm computer to the monitoring computer. The alarm monitoring interface on the monitoring computer will display the specific location of the alarm computer, and give an alarm sound to remind the management personnel to deal with the alarm

(3) Function description

(1) Computer anti-theft detector function

Jingdun computer security detector jd-dn02 is mainly used for computer chassis security

Its characteristic is to send out wireless signal when alarm, low voltage will also send out wireless signal alarm. It must be used with the host of wireless alarm center. This product can be widely used in Internet cafes, schools, hotels, entertainment city, enterprises and institutions of computer anti-theft alarm. Ultra long distance transmission.

(2) Jingdun computer security wireless alarm host function

Jingdun computer anti-theft wireless alarm host is used to receive the alarm information of jingdun wireless computer anti-theft detector. Its main function is to receive the alarm information of the wireless alarm terminal and transmit the alarm information to the monitoring computer. At the same time, it can also independently undertake the alarm task without the monitoring computer. Ultra long range reception.

(4) Scheme

Scheme 1 (wireless alarm)

Anti theft schematic diagram:

Composition, function and application scheme of computer anti theft system

Principle description:

When the guest room host box is opened or the VGA line of the display is disconnected, the wireless anti-theft alarm card will send the stolen information to the anti-theft alarm host, and the stolen information will be displayed on the computer installed with the anti-theft center software.

The effective distance between the wireless anti-theft alarm card and the anti-theft alarm host is 1km (barrier free distance). If the distance exceeds this range, you need to buy wireless signal relay equipment.

Scheme 2 (field alarm system)

Anti theft schematic diagram:

Principle description:

Install the anti-theft alarm card in the guest room host. The alarm card is powered by its own battery. When the guest room host box is opened or the display data cable is pulled out, the alarm card will directly send out a 90-100 DB alarm sound.

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