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In recent years, the national production safety accidents have decreased year by year, and the production safety situation is generally stable and tends to improve. However, the situation is still very serious, the total number of accidents is still very large, illegal production is serious, and serious accidents occur frequently, causing heavy losses to the safety of people’s lives and property, exposing that some enterprises attach more importance to production than safety, and safety management is weak The main responsibility is not implemented, and some local and departmental safety supervision is not in place.

In order to timely, effectively and comprehensively monitor the construction site of the construction project, Dongfang Wangli has developed a complete set of video monitoring solutions for the construction site industry for the site management, including the front-end construction, transmission construction and back-end platform construction. The front-end image acquisition equipment is used to collect the scene image, and the image is transmitted to the monitoring command center by the wired or wireless transmission link where the site is located. The operation and maintenance management personnel of the center can watch and tune the real-time and historical monitoring image information of the construction site at any time through the client deployed on the operation and maintenance host of the center.

Site monitoring refers to the significance of monitoring for material access, infrastructure, main body, external decoration and internal decoration. In other words, it is the monitoring of “human”, “material” and “machine”.

Site monitoring is also to monitor the construction process, construction technology and safety operation, which reflects the supervision and service. Supervision is responsible for the Construction Committee, and service is responsible for the construction owner.

Safety accidents on the construction site have a great impact on the construction unit itself, the local construction committee, the local safety supervision unit and the public. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the effective supervision of the construction site.

system composition

Composition, characteristics and design scheme of construction security monitoring system

The monitoring platform of the monitoring center is mainly composed of the following services: management and control equipment, streaming media equipment, storage equipment, mobile video monitoring equipment, wireless equipment access and operation display equipment.

1) Management control

Realize the unified management of all security monitoring devices on the platform, including streaming media, storage, operation display and the management of front-end digital monitoring devices, such as streaming media server, monitoring keyboard, universal decoder, front-end hard disk video recorder and video encoder;

2) Streaming media device

Realize the unified distribution and management of the front-end video stream, for example: there are multiple clients’ demand for a real-time live broadcast of a monitoring point at the same time. Depending on the processing of the streaming media unit, the front-end only needs to send a real-time image to the streaming media device, and multiple clients can obtain the same live video image through the streaming media device;

3) Storage devices

Realize the unified storage management of the front-end digital image, the stored video image sources include (not limited to): video encoder, hard disk video recorder, network camera, etc;

4) Mobile monitoring equipment

Users in the monitoring center can log in to the mobile monitoring system anytime and anywhere, obtain real-time video monitoring resources, and supervise and control the construction site in real time;

5) Wireless device access device

To realize the access of front-end 3G wireless monitoring system equipment, some construction sites are not convenient for wiring, or the construction period is short, which is suitable for deploying 3G wireless front-end monitoring system. This unit can complete the unified access management of such equipment; Long term construction site monitoring front-end uses fixed network cable construction.

6) Operating display devices

It can realize various display and processing of video surveillance image, including (but not limited to) PC client, monitoring keyboard, universal decoder, TV wall, etc; For example, users can operate the PC client to view real-time video images, historical image playback, alarm linkage video configuration display, etc; By operating the monitoring keyboard, the specified front-end monitoring image can be decoded and displayed to the specified TV wall through the universal decoder, and the video image switching can be realized.

System features

Access control integration

The integrated platform can receive each status information of the door of the access control system in real time, and display the status of the door by changing the access control icon on the electronic map.

Tower crane monitoring integration

Through the real-time key monitoring of the front-end tower crane, the user can call the video monitoring image of the tower crane in the relevant area according to the situation. If an accident does occur, the relevant historical image can also be called after the accident. For the improper operation of the tower crane driver, the alarm will be automatically triggered, and the platform will automatically issue the stop command.

Elevator monitoring integration

The central monitoring platform carries out 24-hour uninterrupted management for the cameras installed inside and outside the elevator, which is convenient for managers to see the real-time situation inside and outside the car. In addition, the remote ranging module in the platform can accurately measure the lift height, which provides barrier free monitoring and analysis for daily elevator operation, and enhances the prevention of elevator accidents, Reduce the elevator accident rate.

Noise monitoring

Through the deployment of noise wireless monitoring system in the construction site, the front-end noise detector is deployed on site. It can detect the noise of the construction site environment, and alarm the excessive noise.

system function

Foundation construction monitoring

The deep foundation pit support, foundation trench excavation and manual hole digging pile construction are monitored.

Ground construction monitoring

For groove inspection, concrete transportation, pouring and tamping, maintenance, formwork installation (“two super and one large” formwork support deformation), steel bar installation and binding, concrete pouring and tamping, safety helmet and safety belt for construction personnel, safety net setting of buildings, stair entrance, elevator entrance, wellhead protection, reserved hole, pit wellhead protection, balcony, floor, etc Roof edge protection and operation edge protection are monitored.

Aerial work monitoring

For high-altitude work, such as safety net setting of buildings, edge protection of construction personnel, safety helmet wearing of construction personnel, erection of external scaffold and floor standing bamboo scaffold, fixation and use of cable wind rope, installation and use of hanging basket, protection of lifting pan inlet and floor unloading platform, installation and operation of tower crane and winch, etc.

Electronic map function

It can integrate the alarm and monitoring system, and click the symbol of camera on GIS map to open the video device to view the scene video status. It can also be combined with cloud mirror control to carry out “up, down, left, right, push, pull, move, go / set preset position” and other operations on the camera.

Alarm linkage of other systems

The system provides a system monitoring platform, through the unique middleware technology, all kinds of application components. Business middleware opens the interface of the system to realize various value-added service applications.

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