The display is actually what we call the computer screen, the full English name is: Computer Screen/display. The monitor receives the signal from the computer and forms an image, just like a TV receiver. Some computer screens use liquid crystal displays, also known as visual displays.

A liquid crystal display generally consists of three parts:

1. It is a liquid crystal module: glass substrate, sequential circuit, lamp tube, backlight.

2. Control panel: has the function of signal conversion

3. Inverter: generate high voltage for lighting the lamp.

Classification of LCD monitors

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) cathode ray picture tube.

CRT classification: classified according to the regulation method: analog regulation, digital regulation, OSD regulation. Classification according to the type of picture tube: spherical picture tube, cylindrical picture tube, flat picture tube.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) liquid crystal display.

LCD classification: passive matrix LCD and active matrix LCD (based on different control methods).

LED (Light Emetting Diodeo) light-emitting diode display.

LED classification: There are many types, according to the use environment, indoor LED display, etc.; according to display color: single-color LED display, etc.; according to display function: graphic LED display (asynchronous screen); according to the shape of the screen: special-shaped LED Display screen (spherical, pear-shaped, diamond-shaped, etc.); according to the function of use: fence LED display, etc.; what kind of transparent screen, etc.

OLED: OrganicLight-Emitting Diode, organic electric laser display, organic light-emitting semiconductor.

OLED classification: classified from the device structure: single-layer device, double-layer device, three-layer device, multi-layer structure. Classification from the driving mode: active, passive. Classification from materials: small molecules, macromolecules.

3D display

Top 10 LCD Monitors in 2021


2. Philips


4. ViewSonic

5. Samsung

6. Dell

7. BenQ

8. Ant Gaming

9. Asus

10. Acer

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