Design principles:

*Universality: that is to say, every guest room, warehouse, lobby, office area, financial room, restaurant and hospital area in the hotel (hotel) should be protected.

*Practicability: that is to say, the anti-theft detection unit in each area of the hotel (hotel) is required to give an alarm in time in case of actual possible infringement. It requires simple operation, less links and rapid reaction.

*Systematicness: that is to say, when a case occurs, the anti-theft detection unit in all areas of the hotel (hotel) must send the alarm to the security department in time, and report to the local public security alarm center at the same time, or automatically notify the manager by telephone.

*Reliability: the hotel (hotel) anti-theft alarm system should be designed with reasonable structure, durable products and stable system.

Composition of u-thks anti-theft alarm system:

(1) Alarm command center: it is composed of network alarm center system and command dispatching system

The alarm center is generally set up in the security monitoring center of the management office. There are people on duty 24 hours a day. In case of alarm, they rush to the guest room where the alarm occurs for confirmation and treatment.

Functions of alarm center:

1. Information receiving and alarm monitoring.

2. It can monitor and record all kinds of events sent by network users to the center, such as alarm events, on-off reports, fault reports, test reports, etc.

3. Different processing procedures are arranged for different events.

4. Record various management events occurred in the center, such as shift handover, alarm processing, etc.

5. Record the time and place of the alarm and the cause of the probe alarm.

6. Give the detailed location of the guest room.

7. All recent historical events in the alarm room are given for confirmation.

8. Real time printing of police report.

(2) Terminal detection equipment in fortified area:

The practical configuration of the system is composed of alarm host and various probes installed at the end of sub area. The enclosure adopts microwave electronic grating, the channel entrance adopts curtain type active detector, the door adopts induction door magnet, the bedside table, lobby front desk, floor service desk and financial room of guest room adopt hidden emergency button, and the alarm system is set in the deployment state when personnel leave the detection site No matter how the burglar enters the room, or when the guest has an emergency, such as an emergency or being hijacked, pressing the emergency button on the keyboard will trigger an alarm. The system will send the alarm to the alarm center in a short time. The alarm center can obtain the specific location of the crash site and the detailed information of the personnel in each area, so as to facilitate the reception The police center quickly took rescue measures.

Composition and application scheme of hotel burglar alarm system

U-thks anti-theft alarm system function:

The alarm center provides 24-hour security monitoring and prevention services for all regions. When an abnormal situation (illegal intrusion, emergency, etc.) occurs in a certain area, the alarm signal is transmitted to the command center through the common telephone line through the alarm control host of the sub terminal. When the alarm center receives the alarm signal, it can immediately respond as follows:

*The computer interface displays alarm information (such as door magnetic alarm, infrared alarm, emergency alarm, etc.).

*The computer displays the specific address of the alarm (for example, door magnetic alarm in room 0302 on the third floor).

*At the same time, the alarm signal will sound when the alarm card is connected.

*The printer prints synchronously.

*Police information is stored in electronic hard disk.

Function description of alarm center

*Rich user information content, user capacity of 1 million, can establish a defense area for each room, management.

*Detailed statistics and analysis of alarm information, special report tool, can use fuzzy logic query method, get all kinds of statistical data, can print out the report.

*Provide data import and export tools to share data with other systems. Through data import and export, you can use a text file to import or export guest room information, defense area information, contact information, user information, alarm history, etc

Word, Excel and other tools can re edit these data to form a table. It can also be easily converted to the database format of other programs, such as

110 alarm receiving system, so that data can be shared.

*Perfect data backup and recovery provides perfect data maintenance tools, even when the database is accidentally damaged, it can still use the repair function to recover. You can also define automatic backup alarm data on a regular basis.

*Automatic alarm by six way telephone.

*Alarm priority function, no matter the phone is called in or out, when the alarm occurs, the host will dial the alarm first.

*It has the alarm function of telephone line cutting.

*It has the functions of telephone deployment, defense removal, modification, monitoring, starting the on-site alarm signal, and realizes remote control.

*Monitoring function, through remote telephone to achieve active and passive monitoring of the scene.

*Full microcomputer processing, can be configured with multiple detectors and remote control.

*Anti power down function, all information will not be affected by power down.

*The remote control can be used to distribute the defense in different areas, and the remote control or telephone can be used to set the scene as audible alarm or silent alarm.

*It can alarm by telephone extension or to telephone extension.

*Anti robbery and rescue function. In case of emergency, you can press the emergency key of the remote control, and the alarm will quietly dial four groups of pre stored alarm calls to send out rescue information.


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