In recent years, the rapid development of short-distance wireless communication technology has greatly improved our work efficiency and convenience of life. Applications such as NFC door opening, Bluetooth wireless headsets, and wifi portable hotspots are all inseparable from wireless communication technology.

Throughout the current development of several major wireless communication technologies that are relatively mature mainly include ZigBee, Bluetooth (Bluetooth), infrared (IrDA), wireless local area network (Wi-Fi), and there are also some potential short-range wireless technology standards, such as: Ultra Wide Band (UWB), short-range communication (NFC), etc. The above short-distance wireless communication technologies have their own characteristics, or based on the special requirements of transmission speed, distance, power consumption; or focus on the scalability of distance; or meet the special requirements of some single applications; or establish competing technologies difference optimization, etc.But no single technology is perfect enough to meet all requirements.

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Conclusion:RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, UWB and other technologies have different advantages and disadvantages, which can be applied to different application scenarios, and they are a perfect complement to each other. Looking to the future, the prospect of UWB technology is promising. UWB was originally used in the military, and later expanded to the civilian field, which has good commercial value. On the one hand, it is a short-range wireless communication technology for high-speed data transmission; on the other hand, it is a wireless detection technology for precise ranging, positioning, and imaging. UWB has the significant advantages of ultra-wide bandwidth and low power consumption, and can coexist with other applications. Therefore, in the field of wireless communication, UWB is a very promising technology.

Such an important and promising technology, you only need a wireless communication module to get started!

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