Schematic design software: can OrCAD, support netlist super many, basic industry standard.

PCB layout software


Now push Altium designer. The mainstream of domestic low-end design is basically not used in foreign countries. Easy to learn, suitable for beginners, easy to use; It takes up more system resources and requires higher computer configuration. There is still a considerable market for people who use Protel in China. After all, the hardware circuit design of small and medium-sized companies is mostly low-end. However, it is recommended that you contact and learn other software with better functions as soon as possible, and do not always linger at the low level. You are not very friendly to salary, ha ha.

Comparative analysis of cadence Allegro and Altium


There are quite a lot of people who use pads software. It’s easy to use and easy to use. I feel that it’s much better than Protel. Suitable for low-end design, it can be called the king of low-end. Now the most widely used EDA software in the market is suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises. There is no simulation in itself. When making high-speed board, it should be combined with other special simulation tools, such as HyperLynx.

3、Cadence allegro

The actual industry standard in high speed board design. It’s super in any way. PCB layout tool is absolutely first-class, after a little familiar with it, I don’t want to use other tools any more, and the wiring is super cool. Simulation is also very good, has its own simulation tools, Signal Integrity simulation, Power Integrity simulation can do. In making PCB high-speed board firmly occupy the dominant position. You know, in this world, 60% of the computer motherboards and 40% of the mobile motherboards are drawn by allegro! Now I make boards, no matter simple or complex, all use this. Small boards can be done in one day. It’s very good to use it.

4 Mentor

WG is slightly inferior to cadence, but it is also a top-level tool. It aims at high-end circuit design and has its own simulation tools. However, in China, there are relatively few supporters, not as many as cadence. I don’t mention the others. There are very few users.

If you rarely do high-speed boards, it is recommended to use pads. After all, it is relatively easy to learn. If you often make high-speed boards, it is recommended to choose cadence. One is that cadence is used more in China to make high-speed boards. Second, because it is popular, there are more people to learn and communicate with. Many big companies use it. The salary of Protel and cadence Allegro is different.

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