[guide] in 2020, the deployment and application of Nb IOT will accelerate development, and Nb IOT technology will gain more and more industry recognition. Relying on its long-term technology accumulation and successful experience of large-scale SOC chip design, core image semiconductor will launch an innovative product based on the understanding of the actual needs of industry customers and the challenges faced by IOT chips, aiming at solving several types of problems generally concerned by industry customers . In the market environment of long delivery time and rising price of MCU products, the built-in independent open CPU of core image semiconductor lh3200 completely replaces the external MCU of the original IOT solution in the commercial trial to help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency. At the same time, it also proves that the built-in independent open CPU of Nb iotsoc chip can replace the MCU in the IOT terminal design.

When it comes to NB IOT, from standards to chips and modules, to devices, networks, platforms and industry solutions, Nb IOT technology is dominated by China’s industry chain, and has been widely recognized and supported by the global industry chain. As far as lpwa (wide area low-power IOT) is concerned, Nb IOT is the best technology choice in the current market. NB IOT can not only make full use of the existing 4G infrastructure of operators, improve the network utilization and output rate, and enable operators to grow, but also make full use of the current industrial scale and mature technology of Nb IOT to speed up the process of Internet of things and digital transformation.

NB IOT also gives relevant industries the confidence to adopt 3GPP technology to meet the development needs of industry market to accelerate deployment and optimize performance – 3GPP system is a technology system of sustainable evolution and upgrading. With the gradual progress of frequency reduction and de networking of 2G network, most of 2G IOT terminals will be replaced by NB IOT terminals.

As for the development of Nb IOT in China, during the Huawei NB IOT billion development industry summit held in Beijing National Conference Center in October 2020, China Academy of information technology (caict) gave exciting data: the development of Nb IOT in China has accelerated, forming a 4 + 7 + n development echelon: four tens of millions of applications, including tracking applications represented by intelligent remote gas meters, water meters, intelligent smoke sensors and electric vehicles There are 7 million applications, including: white household appliances, street lamps, door locks, parking, tracking, agriculture, electricity meters; and more emerging applications, such as POS, set-top box, garbage can, cold chain logistics, smart factory mold management, etc.

At present, Nb IOT intelligent remote water meter, gas meter, heat meter and Nb IOT non utility electricity meter are the most mature and largest scale of these applications. Relying on the existing technology, the majority of meter solution manufacturers have developed various types of Nb IOT intelligent remote meter solutions. Different technical routes have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are not detailed. However, all schemes should pay attention to the following points:

1. Communication performance requires strong communication ability, excellent performance and stable performance;

2. In terms of energy saving, it is required that the power consumption is low enough, one battery can support at least several years of application, and there is no need to replace the battery manually in its life cycle;

3. Stable work, high online rate and high success rate of reading;

4. Solution cost, in the global shortage of MCU, the major manufacturers have increased the price of the environment, how to make the intelligent remote meter solution with excellent performance at lower cost;

5. It is highly intelligent and can independently monitor and report battery life. If necessary, it can effectively help the water company to do preventive maintenance in advance and improve service level and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent meter solution manufacturers generally place high hopes on Nb IOT chips, hoping that they can help create better industry solutions and products with higher integration, better performance and more perfect design.

The lh3200nb IOT chip is such a product. The new generation fully integrated nb-iot terminal chip lohalinklh3200 is an innovative design of nb-iot communication chip. It supports 3gppr14 communication standard and has ultra-high integration. A single chip integrates baseband processor BP, power management unit PMU, RF unit, general ADC (6-way, 10 bit), temperature sensor, etc. in addition, the chip has an independent open application processor (opencpu).

Relying on its long-term accumulation in digital analog hybrid ultra-low power design, 3GPP architecture design and communication chip design, the core image semiconductor technology team launched this NB IOT chip with innovative architecture design in 2020. In the chip design stage, image semiconductor works closely with the downstream meter solution designers to fully understand the actual needs of customers and the challenges faced by IOT chips. Combined with the successful experience of the team in the design of a number of heterogeneous multi-core and SDR architecture large-scale SOC chips, we have completed this highly integrated, excellent performance and convenient application product. Lh3200 has the following characteristics:

1. Low voltage working mode: lh3200 can work normally at 1.92v power supply voltage, and it can effectively improve the stability of meter scheme when the instantaneous power supply capacity of energy battery is insufficient due to high current driving scenarios such as meter data upload and valve control mechanism action, and the power supply voltage drops sharply;

2. Ultra high receiving sensitivity: – When the network coverage is not perfect and the signals in many application scenarios are not good, the meter scheme based on lh3200 has stronger adaptability to the network environment;

3. Ultra low power consumption: psm0.9 μ a, 23dbm, 240mA, ensure the battery life to meet the industry requirements;

4. Higher transmission power: the maximum transmission power can reach 25dbm, which can make up for the limited uplink communication caused by insufficient network coverage;

5. Lh3200 has built-in ultra-low power pulse counter, which can operate at 0 . Under 9ua micro power consumption, 7×24 hours continuous counting without MCU working. Therefore, the meter scheme based on lh3200 can be regarded as the energy saving expert of pulse meter; Ultra low power consumption metering function can significantly reduce the average power consumption of smart meter products and extend the battery life. Lh3200 built-in metering unit adopts a variety of anti misjudgment, filtering and anti-interference mechanisms to maintain high metering accuracy under extremely low power consumption.

6. High precision battery monitoring: it can continuously monitor the battery voltage with the accuracy of 0.1V, so that the cloud can know the battery life of IOT terminals at any time, and the operators can carry out preventive maintenance more efficiently.

7. The built-in independent open CPU can completely replace the external MCU in the dual chip architecture of the traditional Internet of things terminal, and is physically isolated from the Nb IOT communication CPU to ensure that the user’s available physical resources are independent, safe, efficient and reliable.


With innovative design and excellent performance, the chip lh3200 has been applied in many fields in just over half a year: commercial application of a shared device (long connection application, requiring real-time response to user requirements, low power consumption and low cost), application of a meter device, application of a smart lock project, and so on. More applications are ready to expand lh32 rapidly 00 scope of application.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in the special period of global MCU supply shortage, the built-in opencpu of core image lh3200 has been widely used in practical applications.

In the past year, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the global economy, and the global MCU market has also been hit. The delay in delivery of MCU products leads to imbalance between supply and demand. It is widely reported in the industry that MCU’s late delivery and price rise. A number of well-known professional media discussed how to use the built-in opencpu of IOT chip to help the IOT industry and meet the urgent needs of the industry.

Since the third quarter of last year, the built-in independent opencpu of core image semiconductor lh3200 has been stably running user applications in a commercial project, saving an additional MCU for customer solutions, which not only reduces the material and production costs, but also shortens the product development cycle.

This is another commercial scenario since the mass production and supply of core image semiconductor lh3200. It is also the first commercial scenario in the long connection sharing device scenario. The company’s R & D team cooperated closely with customers and quickly realized all customers’ original solutions. Lh3200 built-in independent opencpu has fully undertaken the operation of customers’ applications. The on-site operation is stable and reliable. The implementation of the solution, on-site test tuning and stable operation performance far exceeded customers’ expectations and won customers’ praise.

Although the current network coverage is not perfect and the signal is not stable, the core image semiconductor lh3200 is still in the market – 118dbm signal strength to maintain a stable connection, which also exceeded customer expectations. This shows that the chip not only achieves excellent communication performance, but also proves one thing for the industry through field test NB – Iotsoc chip has built-in independent opencpu, which can replace MCU in IOT terminal design to save cost and improve efficiency for customers.

In addition to the above series of hard and complex work, the R & D and product team of core image semiconductor also made full use of the advantages of built-in dual CPU to quickly realize OTA online upgrade. The field verification results show that the remote online upgrade function of lh3200 is stable and reliable.

Under the trend of “Internet of things”, as an emerging field of communication industry, the scale of industrial market is expanding, and the technology of Internet of things has immeasurable commercial value. World famous entrepreneurs once claimed that the Internet of things will replace the Internet and become the most important part of people’s life. At present, as 5g technology takes off and network construction starts, Nb IOT, as 5g wide area Internet of things communication technology, is on the eve of large-scale commercial explosion. With the help of Nb IOT technology, the city level remote intelligent meter reading, street lamp management, fire facilities monitoring, etc. will become easy and reliable, and the city management and people’s life will become more intelligent.

The core is connected with four images and the things are connected with eight directions. Core semiconductor will go all out to meet the challenges with innovation, face the market with strength, help China’s economic development, social governance and the digital transformation of people’s life with a new series of cellular IOT chips, and contribute to China’s modernization.

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