Transducer / sensor is a kind of detection device, which has been widely used in daily life. Nowadays, the signals detected by sensors have increased significantly recently, so there are many kinds. So what kinds of sensors are there? Next, let me introduce it to you.

Common types:

Resistance sensor, variable frequency power sensor, load cell, resistance strain sensor, piezoresistive sensor, thermal resistance sensor, laser sensor, Hall sensor, temperature sensor, wireless temperature sensor, intelligent sensor, photosensitive sensor, biological sensor, vision sensor, displacement sensor, pressure sensor Ultrasonic distance sensor, 24GHz radar sensor, integrated temperature sensor, liquid level sensor, vacuum sensor, capacitive level sensor, antimony electrode acidity sensor, acid, alkali, salt concentration sensor and conductivity sensor.

Main categories:

By purpose

It can be divided into pressure sensor and force sensor, position sensor, liquid level sensor, energy consumption sensor, speed sensor, acceleration sensor, radiation sensor and thermal sensor.

According to the working principle

It can be divided into vibration sensor, humidity sensor, magnetic sensor, gas sensor, vacuum sensor, biosensor, etc.

Press output signal

It can be divided into analog sensor, digital sensor, pseudo digital sensor and switch sensor.

According to its manufacturing process

It can be divided into integrated sensor, thin film sensor, thick film sensor and ceramic sensor

According to the purpose of measurement

It can be divided into physical sensor, chemical sensor and biological sensor.

According to its composition

Basic sensor, combined sensor and application sensor.

By action form

It can be divided into active sensor and passive sensor.

The above is an introduction to the common types and main classifications of sensors. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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