At present, smart TVs are generally large in size, with 50 inch and 55 inch TVs everywhere, and larger TVs are not uncommon. Therefore, in order to pursue a better viewing or game experience, some users use an HDMI cable to connect the TV to the computer.

In the use of the process will inevitably encounter some problems, such as the connection after the TV did not respond. Here is a summary of common problems and solutions.

Common problems and methods of connecting smart TV

The TV didn’t respond to the connection

Don’t worry, you need to confirm that the TV signal input channel is “HDMI input”. You can choose according to the HDMI cable and the socket of the TV. Setting mode: menu input signal source interface.

Because the default display of the computer is output separately, switching video needs to be set on the computer. Generally, set the computer refresh rate to 60Hz and the resolution to 1024 * 768, and then adjust the TV resolution after connecting.

The TV doesn’t show full screen

The resolution of the computer display is different from that of the TV, which will lead to the TV can not display full screen.

If you want a full screen, you can match the TV display resolution by adjusting the display output resolution of the computer, and then select the “image reset” function in the TV menu options.

If it still doesn’t work, try adjusting the zoom function of the graphics card in the control panel of the graphics card.

TV bias or snowflakes

The occurrence of this situation may be related to the long-term exposure of HDMI connector of TV and computer, which may lead to damp, or the frequent plugging and plugging may lead to loose connector, resulting in poor contact.

It is recommended to try another interface.

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