The panel type is related to the LCD response time, color, viewing angle, contrast and other important factors. There are three common types of LCD panels: TN (twisted nematic), IPS (in plane switching) and VA (vertical alignment).

TN screen: fast response time is the advantage

TN screen is a common soft screen, which can press the water ripple by hand. It is one of the earliest LCD panels, and it is also widely used at present, because its technology is the most mature and the cost is the lowest. TN screen response speed is fast, the fastest can reach 1ms, there will be no shadow. The screen made of this material is usually used as a professional E-sports screen. Through fast response time, TN screen can present high-speed scene details without damage.

In contrast, the defects of TN panel are also very obvious. The output gray scale is small, and the original color is only 6 bit. The color of the picture is white, the visual angle is small, and the display effect is general. When viewing from different angles, there will be color deviation and brightness difference. Therefore, if you are engaged in design, film and television post related work or have higher requirements for screen color when watching entertainment, it is not recommended to buy this kind of screen.

IPS screen: wide viewing angle, good color

IPS panel is hard, touch the screen with fingers, the screen will not be deformed. IPS screen is much better than TN panel in color display, visual angle and other aspects. It also has a bright performance in the range and accuracy of color presentation. Wide angle of view is the original advantage of IPS panel, which will not produce color deviation. At present, most professional screens related to image processing use IPS panel. Apple has also been bundled with the IPS screen for publicity. For Mac users, the IPS screen is a good choice.

In addition, although the response time of IPS screen is slightly inferior to that of TN screen, due to the excellent color performance of IPS screen, IPS screen is still worth considering for ordinary game players who have both office and entertainment needs.

Due to the limitation that iPS screen needs more backlight to improve brightness, light leakage is a common fault of IPS screen if the control is not good. However, professional screen manufacturers usually have a more standardized control mechanism to deal with this problem, which is more trustworthy.

VA screen: high contrast

The VA panel also belongs to the soft screen. As long as you touch the panel with your fingers, the one with plum pattern is the VA panel, and the one with water ripple is the TN panel. VA panel is a panel type which is widely used in high-end LCD. Fujitsu, Samsung, Qimei electronics, Youda optoelectronics and other panel enterprises have adopted this panel technology. The VA screen is characterized by higher tolerance and contrast, which can achieve a high contrast of 3000:1. The black and white in the screen are more pure, and there will be no light leakage and other problems.

The defect of VA panel is mainly reflected in the response time. Fortunately, the response time of VA panel has been greatly improved, which is enough for normal use.

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