The common faults and treatment methods of fluorescent lamps are as follows:

Common faults and treatment methods of Al fluorescent lamp

The lamp does not emit light. This may be due to poor contact, damaged starter and broken filament.

Treatment: when the contact is poor, rotate the lamp tube and press the contact between the lamp tube electrode and the lamp holder electrode. Turn the starter to make the electrode contact with the base electrode firmly.

If the starter is damaged, take down the starter, contact the two electrodes in the base of the starter with two screwdrivers’ metal heads at the same time, and then touch the metal rods of the two screwdrivers and leave immediately. At this time, if the lamp tube emits light, it indicates that the starter is broken.

If the filament is broken, a multimeter or a small battery bead can be used for series test.

The two ends of the lamp tube emit light. Most of this is due to low temperature, low power supply voltage, lamp aging, life will end (both ends of the tube wall blackened).

Treatment: increase the temperature; check the power supply voltage; replace the new tube.

The lamp rotates in the tube after it emits light. This is a common temporary phenomenon of the new management.

Treatment: use several times to disappear.

The light is flashing. The quality of the lamp is not good.

Treatment: replace the lamp tube and test whether there is flicker.

5. The brightness of the lamp decreases. The lamp tube is aging (both ends of the lamp are blackened), and the power supply voltage is reduced.

Treatment: the lamp tube aging can not be repaired, if the power supply voltage is low, check the power supply.

Both ends of the lamp are blackened. The lamp tube is aging and its life will end, so it needs to be replaced with a new one.

There are black spots on both ends of the lamp. The mercury in the lamp tube condenses and can be evaporated and eliminated by itself after starting.

8 electromagnetic sound is large. It may be that the quality of ballast is poor and the vibration of silicon steel sheet is large.

Treatment method: re tighten the iron core if possible.

9 ballast overheating. This is poor ventilation and heat dissipation or internal coil inter turn short circuit.

Ballast 10. Internal coil short circuit. At this time, the power supply should be cut off immediately and a new ballast should be replaced.

Turn on the switch and the lamp will go out immediately after flashing. This may be a wiring error, burning out the filament.

Treatment method: check the lamp filament, if it has been burnt out, check whether the wiring is correct, and then replace the new tube.

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