This paper mainly introduces the LCD screen lifter, and focuses on the working principle and common fault maintenance of the LCD screen lifter.

LCD screen lifter

LCD screen lifter: when the display screen needs to be used, the elevator hidden in the conference table will lift the display screen from the bottom of the conference to the surface of the table; When the display screen is not used, the elevator will descend automatically, and the display screen is hidden inside the conference table to prevent theft and dust; Keep the table surface flat and beautiful.

Common faults and solutions of LCD lifter

When the newly installed LCD screen lifter or the LCD screen lifter that has been used for a period of time has a fault, it is necessary to understand the fault clearly before operation, otherwise the LCD screen lifter will be damaged. The following are the maintenance and troubleshooting of common faults:

If the LCD regulator does not respond, it will not move at all:

1. Check whether the power supply is plugged in properly, whether the power cord is connected properly, and whether the voltage is normal. If it is not connected properly, fix it; If there is no power, check whether the power supply line is normal.

2. If there is no problem with the voltage of the power incoming line, it is necessary to check the button wiring, check whether the motor connecting line falls off, and then check whether the fuse is burnt out, and whether the travel switch wiring at the upper and lower terminals falls off.

3. When the lifting frame is at the upper terminal and the travel switch of the upper terminal is pressed, the lifting frame cannot go up; When the lifting frame is at the lower terminal, the travel switch of the lower terminal is pressed, and the lifting frame cannot go down, which is a normal phenomenon. Just manually press the pressed switch.

4. If the above conditions are not the case, pressing the up and down buttons will not work, but there is a weak vibration sound. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the capacitor has been broken down or short circuited, and then check whether the wiring has broken down or fallen off. When the motor is very hot, it is necessary to cut off the power immediately to avoid burning out the motor.

If the LCD lifter cannot move up or down, but the box makes a large noise:

I. Check whether the transmission chain is off or broken;

II. Check whether the engagement between the aluminum guide rail and the sprocket is misaligned;

III. Check whether the locking screw between the shaft and the sprocket is loose, so that the shaft cannot rotate with the sprocket, resulting in the asynchronous operation of the four guide rails;

The above is about the common fault maintenance methods of LCD screen lifter. As long as it is not a big problem, we can solve it by ourselves. However, if we encounter serious problems, we need professional personnel to repair them. We cannot operate blindly to avoid irreparable losses.

Technical parameters of LCD lifter

(if the following conditions can be met, it is a better product.)

#Imported motor is adopted;

#Anti pinch function;

#Adopt microwave and digital synchronous positioning and identification processing technology, combined with dual protection of travel switch;

#Adopt automatic reset built-in locking;

#Wide angle adjustment of LCD screen direction;

#The bearing rolling mode is adopted, and the operation is stable;

#Ultra low noise, the sound is lower than 30 dB during operation;

#Thin mode manual control button, RS485, RF remote control and manual control;

#Suitable for 15 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch and 22 inch LCD

#This product is an intelligent control equipment with high reliability. Fault tolerance technology is adopted in the design, and the fault point can be self judged. The communication interface circuit with high anti-interference ability is adopted to ensure the reliability of communication. It has RF remote control and RS485 communication functions, and the user can easily complete the demonstration process;

#This product has RS485 communication interface, which can be easily used with computers, remote control systems or various remote control devices (such as macro control, Crestron, amx control systems)# It is widely used in projector engineering, video conference system, video conference system, large conference system and other fields.

#High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability, high cost performance;

#Mean time between failures (MTBF): 4000 hours

Principle and structure of LCD lifter

LCD screen lifter product features:

1. Flexible use, stable performance and good seismic resistance;

2. The automatic opening and closing decorative board is beautiful;

3. Stainless steel panel, Mosha carbon steel panel and other panels are available for selection;

4. Integrating manual control and remote control, it is more flexible to use a variety of control methods;

5. Gear rack transmission, sleeve positioning, more stable operation and long service life;

6. Advanced photoelectric positioning system can achieve more accurate positioning;

7. A variety of circuit protection systems. When the LCD screen drops, the control board automatically cuts off its power supply, which can safely protect the display;

8. Multiple data line interfaces can easily provide signals for the display;

9. Small box, light weight, more convenient installation.

Control mode:

1. Manual control: it is controlled separately according to the small manual control panel set on the desktop.

2. Remote control: it is controlled by wireless remote controller, which can compile six programs.

Installation requirements:

1. The elevator shall be stabilized in the conference table, and the bottom of the LCD elevator shall be supported to prevent internal screws from loosening due to long-term use.

2. Fix the monitor firmly on the connecting plate, and the four screws should be stressed evenly.

Operating environment requirements:

1. The temperature is between -10 ℃ – +40 ℃;

2. The relative humidity shall not be greater than 95% indoor;

3. The operating environment does not contain organic solvent mist and corrosive gas;

4. Avoid violent vibration and collision.


That’s all for the introduction of LCD screen lifter. If there are any deficiencies, please correct them.

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